9 Plumbing Upgrades to Make A 21st Century Home

The plumbing sector has done major changes in past two decades. Latest plumbing equipment are totally different than they were in the past. The technology has taken over almost everything in our homes and offices. But the question is if it has made our life easier or more complicated. Let us find out.

The latest plumbing is high tech and very advanced. It provides great functionality and is good for the environment too. If you are building a new home, it is advised to consider our plumbing upgrade guideline. It will help you create a 21st century home with many exciting tools.


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Plumbing Influenced Places

In general, plumbing is related to your whole house, but it is mainly connected with two places. Your kitchen and bathroom are two hubs for plumbing. If you really want some advancement in your home then you need to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. It will easily turn your simple home into a 21st century luxurious home.

#1. Kitchen Sink


In your home, kitchen is mostly used for cooking and dish washing purposes. Therefore the kitchen sink should be of high tech and premium quality. You should find the sturdiest kitchen sink made of stainless steel and scratch resistant surface. It will remain clean, shining and stable during long term use.

It is great if the kitchen sink has two separate divisions. It will help you to keep washed utensils on one side and wash dirty utensils on the other side. Some sinks come with a rack to let you put the utensils there to dry. You should choose a sink which is spacious and easy to clean for day to day use.

#2. Kitchen Faucet


You need a faucet right above the sink. It is useful for washing hands, utensils and other things in kitchen. You should not use a normal faucet, it is better to get a smart faucet with sensor. Such faucets use less water and works perfectly based on its sensor.

As you place your hand under the faucet, it starts flowing the water. You can operate such high tech faucet without using your hands. You don’t need to turn it on or off ever. Just put your hands right below the faucet to start water and remove hands to shut off the water. It is simple and smart at the same time.

#3. Kitchen Sink Drain


The sink drain collects all the food scraps and allows only water to pass through. But it should a good quality filter otherwise it will let the food scraps get into drain. As a result, you may face the sink drain clogging issue in near future. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended to use a filter in kitchen sink drain and remove food scraps from utensils before you bring them into sink for washing.

#4. Garbage Disposal Unit


The garbage disposal unit was invented before one century from today. In last few decades, the manufacturer has made many changes to make it more quiet and powerful. The latest garbage disposal appliances come with motors that run quietly than earlier noisy motors.

You need to install the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink right between the drain and the trap. It functions on electricity power supply. There are two types of garbage disposal units, one works on continuous feed system, while the other works on batch feed system.

The continuous garbage disposal start working from the moment you press its button. But the batch feed unit works only when a batch of garbage is ready for disposal. It prevents the kitchen sink drain clogging and provides great convenience for disposal of garbage in your home.

#5. Bathroom Decors


In order to upgrade your bathroom, you need to change its decors. There are a huge range of sink and vanity, mirror, storage options and lighting available for you. You just need to take a look on the variety of stuff and choose your desired things to decorate a brand new bathroom.

You can add LED lights around the mirror and in the shower room. The LED lights are also effective above the bathtub. The shades of lights will make your bathroom truly of 21st century glow. You can also add wireless and waterproof speakers to enjoy music while taking shower.

#6. High Tech Toilet


The era of traditional toilet has gone away and standard toilet are very common. In order to do something different, you need to buy a smart toilet with advanced features. It can be a Toto, American Standard, Kohler or any other brand. All smart toilets are great and they make your toilet using task as simple as possible.

The smart toilet comes with many high end functions such as remote control, LED display, automatic opening and closing of seat lid, auto flushing, soft cleansing bidet, air dryer, air deodorizer, night light and many more. You can enjoy all these features in your bathroom after installing a high tech toilet. You can check more @bog-standard.org.

#7. Shower


The shower is must in your bathroom, it is incomplete without it. The latest showers come with remote control and adjustable settings. It allows you to control the water pressure and water temperature you are going to have under the shower head.

During winter season, you should keep the water warm to have a pleasing shower experience. On the other hand, you can keep the temperature down in summer for take shower with normal cold water.

#8. Bathtub


You should get the most luxurious bathtub for your bathroom. According to latest trends, people prefer to have a standalone bathtub without any equipment around. The shape of bathtub should also be unique, like square, round, rectangle are common. You can try some unusual shape bathtub and add it to your bathroom with a smart faucet above it.

#9. Mirror


A bathroom is not complete if it does not have a mirror. You should select a mirror with human sensor. It shows up your reflection as if you are standing in the sunlight. It works based on battery power and comes in various sizes from 8 to 18.5 inches.

Thus, you need to make above changes in the plumbing to create a 21st century home.