Why Do So Many Health Organizations Use Board Portal Software?

It’s a busy world out there, and most board directors have no spare room in their schedules — they may serve on the board of other companies or organizations, and of course have to juggle the demands of their personal lives.

Many health organizations have relied on board portal software as the technological tool to help create more efficient and effective meetings and to save their leaders’ time and make their lives easier. Plus, this software has excellent security, which is very important to organizations privy to the heath data of millions of people.

Let’s look at some of the other reasons why so many health organizations use board portal software.


Smart Remote Collaboration

It doesn’t matter how physically far apart directors are before or after quarterly board meetings — when they use board portal software, everybody has powerful tools to keep the team working together.

The best board portal software gives on-the-go access that lets directors review and comment on board material remotely from any desktop, phone, laptop, or tablet. Annotating and sharing board material becomes simple.

You can also work online or offline — you’ll be synced up automatically whenever you connect to the internet. Plus, you can work in any language you prefer. This is great for any organization that deals internationally, or that has directors from different countries. Visit this page to get more info about all the ways board portal software helps directors work together.


Smart Preparation

Board portal software is specifically designed to let organizations harness the power of technology to make their board meetings run better and more efficiently.

With the press of a button, admins can upload and aggregate board packages, swap in new documents, and edit existing documents. Board packages can be prepped in hours instead of days.

Director input on important issues can be collected confidentially prior to meetings to improve efficiency, plus in-app discussions let directors collaborate on documents before meetings.


Total Security

Every organization has information that needs to be kept confidential, but health organizations have potentially millions of other people’s sensitive data. A breach could result in harmful health impacts that affect the public.

You can decide where in the world you want your data stored, but in any case, the best software uses servers which always adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications.

While board portal software is primarily designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of board meetings, all the wonderful functionality would be pointless if the software wasn’t totally secure. That’s why board portal software always uses the best encryption possible.


Plus, in the event a company-issued device has been lost or stolen, all the board portal data can be wiped remotely. If a director is without their device but needs to access important board material, they can simply log in from any other device.

The board of directors at health organizations have busy schedules and many challenges to overcome. That’s why they’ve made so much of tools like board portal software that lets them stay connected, intelligently and securely.