Why Payment Gateways Are a Good Financial Option?

Even if it’s a start-up or a medium to large-scale business payment gateways will always be a good financial option for all time as providing such high security and safety is the demand of every customer because the fear of getting scammed takes over them and it’s pretty obvious if they don’t get attracted towards your website or your business then you’ll lose your all options, therefore, I believe that payment gateways like those offered by Cardknox are a good financial option for a business or a start-up.

From payments from small scale to large-scale business, it is quite a good advantage and very beneficial for us to implement such integration onto our web and engaging the audience as mentioned always helps in generating more money even it’s because of the ads or because of the increasing audience orders on your site, it’s one of the best advantages of adding such resource or tool onto your site.


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Medium to Large Scale Payments


It’s never been easy to perform large scale transactions as there are plenty of security stops and questions that are being asked to you and you answer it every time, yes I’m talking about the era when we used to perform payments or transactions on a medium to large-scale manually.

Payment gateways have made it so easy to perform such transactions by entering the pin or some vendors provide face recognition feature in their APIs or biometric making it more secure no more useless questions, just the form and few more steps ahead to perform the transaction.

Things That Matter Are Following


  • The most important part is your trust from where you transact.
  • The level of trust that how much your trust factor is with that payment processor or payment gateway.
  • Chances that you believe will make you vulnerable and suspicious both.
  • Increasing of audience or customers

As I mentioned the audience is most likely attracted to a safe and secure environment like ipaytotal.com and the experience that the environment provides using the payment gateways. You place ads on your e-commerce website which also enables you to earn money through the clicks of the customer on the ads that you’ve been placing on your website.

Therefore, the more the audience the more the clicks and the more the money as well for sure.

For example


Before payment gateway audience reach 49% > Ad clicks 20% > Less money but after integrating payment gateway audience reach 79% > Ad clicks 55% > More money.

After generating much money or revenue your priority must be about maintaining the quality of your work and dealership also keeping an eye out or keeping in a vision about the customer engagement that what is the thing that they care about and what are the demands of the customer in mean-time such as wardrobe, home appliances, etc. It’s kind of an advantage for you to keep your audience and customers engaged all the time on your site or e-commerce site.

That’s why we recommend using services like ipaytotal.com, they provide some of the best payment integration solutions in the market.

Payments of Any Institution


It is just an explanation about how really payment gateways have made the impact on our society, as we all know that the higher intuitions or you can say institutions like private universities have a large amount of money in their account.

The payments have got easier for the institutions to pay the salary of their respected employees online through any source of the provider of the payment gateway.

This has never got so much easy before as paying such a high amount is just your one tap away while staying on such site and transacting securely and safely, quite a good financial option in all means and very much effective at every area.

Project Payments


As we all know companies or organizations on a medium or a large scale have projects which have a great demand of money and keeping that in the bank account only will provide them many facilities but they won’t be able to enjoy the facilities of the payment processors or payment gateways they provide more features and facilities such as payment of the bill etc. internationally.

And as I mentioned that freelancers also earn on large scales and also the companies that are working remotely have a really big amount of money to be deposited in their account and receiving such payment internationally is mostly the problems for all of them because there are no means of depositing except bank and payment gateways, therefore it’s an advantage for them to get their payments remotely from any countries and in any currency which makes payment gateways also a good financial option for the companies and organizations.

A Perk for All of Us

I believe it is some sort of a perk for all of us as it makes it possible for both of us (merchant and a customer) to enjoy several perks being provided by the vendor of the payment gateway like for merchant earning money or generating extra money due to it and increased audience and customers and for the customer providing facilities such as preventing the customer from being vulnerable or keeping the data vulnerable, therefore I would say it’s a yes from my side that I believe it as a perk in all means, it might have some insecurities or bugs but they can be fixed.



I totally agree believing that payment gateways are really important, essential and good financial options as they provide ease, safety, security to the customers as well as the merchant or the company or any organization, therefore, we should try to implement that in our actual business or start-up if any resources available because they really help in generating more revenue as mentioned above about each and every facility that is being provided to the concerning person and making it to the point, unlike manual transactions it was more like a headache for all of us and all of the people around the world to wait for your turn and get yourself in.