Why You Need to Verify your Email List

There is more to a successful email marketing strategy than meets the eye. Marketers go to great length to specifically and carefully craft the right content for an email campaign, however, their job is not finished there. They need to make sure that the email templates work on both mobile and desktop devices, that all the links attached to the emails are working properly, as well as to ensure that the lists are properly categorized. While dealing with so many things, marketers often overlook one important detail – validating their email list.

Email verification is important to campaign deliverability and performance, and without it, there might be complaints and hard bounces that can be a nightmare for marketers, as well as companies. In this article, you will be able to read about the reasons why validating your email list is necessary. Let’s take a look:

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Improve Inbox Deliverability


Your campaign will be worthless if the email does not reach the inbox. Deliverability is directly connected to your sender score, a system that identifies if you are a spammer or a trusted sender. The bottom line is that if your data is high-quality it will translate to better performance.

Boost Engagement Rates

Once you verify your email data, you can eliminate the accounts that do not matter to you. Although the list will be shorter, the engagement rates will increase. Sending emails to customers that actively use their email addresses means that you will can a better click-through-rate (CTR) and a better open rate.

Eliminate Hard Bounces

Hard bounces can be a true nightmare in the email marketing world. They can lower your sender score and can lead to you being blacklisted. Email verification is created to check the accounts in order to ensure that they are real.

Identify Catch-All Email Accounts


If you are in the B2B environment, you might know something about catch-all mail servers. They are basically server configurations that will accept emails sent to any username, even if the email address was never created. By validating your email list, you can know which servers are set up in this way. Hence, you will gain additional insight which can lead to you making better decisions for your campaign. If you want to see how you can validate your email list, check this website out.

Stop Temporary Accounts

Temporary email accounts are usually used by scammers, they last less than 48 hours and they are randomly created. Since they are real when they are collected, they might sneak past your double opt-in process.

Avoid Spambots


Spambots usually flood your contact form with nonexistent data. Some businesses use CAPTCHA to avoid these bots, but they can be quite frustrating for users. When you know the difference between a fake and real account, you can successfully avoid the spambots.

Alert and Convert Typos

Verification will alert the user when they make a mistake. Email addresses might look real to humans, however, validation will be able to detect what is real, and what is not real. If the user makes a mistake when filling in their contact data, they will get an error message, that will alert and convert incorrect data into quality contacts.


As you can see, there are various reasons and benefits that you can get from validating your email list. And if you did not do it so far, do not waste any more time and get to business.