Why You Should Install 9apps?

These days, there are easily available wide ranges of apps meant for various purposes. Some apps do provide a variety of aspects that are simply loved by its users. One such app is considered to be 9apps that is considered to be among the very best that is currently available to be used. This app has been slowly but steadily gaining immense popularity among mobile phone users across the globe and among all ages and gender.

What is this app all about?


This app provides the user with wonderful ways to explore free android based games and apps. It also is known to offer one-stop solutions like apps management and hi-speed download. It is possible to enjoy different types of Android-based apps that are of very high quality. Downloading this app onto the smartphone is sure to make the device to be filled with colours and varieties that will be loved by the user and appreciated by everyone around.

What benefits are offered by this app?


Following are a few of the benefits that are offered by this amazing free app:

  • Big Library: The fact is that this app does claim to have over 10 million apps ready to be downloaded from the respective store. Apps belonging to different categories can be downloaded including the most loved and popular ones available. It is also equally easy to come across the desired type of app. There is a present whole lot of categories which includes news, sports, entertainment, movies, etc. It is due to its large library base that it is considered to be among the best app currently in the marketplace.
  • Quick Updates: This app does boast of having several admired features of which one is fast download. When compared to Google Play, they do push the app updates much faster. Apps that were installed prior to Google Play can be updated. For download and installation of games or apps in this app, the UC browser gets picked from Google-Play and redirected to it.
  • Coupon Zone: Online buyers do love to indulge in offers, deals, discounts and other freebies. There can be found different types of coupons belonging to different e-commerce sites including online food ordering sites that can help reduce the final order to about 50%, thus saving precious money.
  • Product comparison: This app takes just 3MB space and still has lots to offer users of all ages and gender. The truth is that online shoppers do not make the effort to compare prices with various sites. This make makes the task of comparing products at different sites to become very simple, quick, effortless and pain-free. It allows users to compare rates of different reputed e-commerce sites. Hence, there is no need to install another specific app for carrying out the comparison task, thus saving on precious device memory. Whenever the user lands on any app’s product page, he gets a popup displaying rates of other e-commerce sites.

Therefore, it is indeed a wise decision taken to use this app and make life easy and cool!