10 Countries with Most Bitcoin Hodlers

One fact can tell us how powerful BTC truly is. It is the most popular, but also the most controversial subject around the world at the same time. You can hear different opinions from different people about investing in Bitcoin. However, even those that are big supports of BTC will not tell you that making money with Bitcoin is easy. If you are willing to find out more, check BitcoinRevival to find out more.

Still, we are here to discuss some other things. There are people from all parts of the world that succeeded to make a significant amount of money thanks to BTC. More precisely, many crypto investors succeeded to HODL Bitcoin.

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By the way, who are hodlers?


Hodl is a popular phrase among cryptocurrency users since 2013. On the Bitcoin talk forum, there was a guy under the nickname Gamekyuubi that accidentally misspelled the word “hold”. He wrote – “I am Hodling”. More precisely, he wanted to say that he is holding BTC despite the serious fall at that moment.

You probably understand now who hodl investors are. So, let’s see together which countries in the world have the biggest number of BTC hodlers.

The United States


Have you expected that some other country is going to be in the first place? The United States of America is a country with the most trading platforms, exchanges, crypto-mining facilities, etc. It is logical that they will be in the first place.

When we talk about percentages, only 8% of the investors are hodlers. The majority of them are constantly investing and selling BTC. Yet, when you compare this with the number of investors, you get a large number of hodlers in one country



You maybe know that Romania is well-known as a country with a large number of international IT startups. Besides that, there is also a huge number of freelance web developers and programmers. Because of these two facts, it doesn’t need to surprise us why Romania is in second place.

Believe it or not, 12% of the consumers in Romania owns at least one crypto. Logically, BTC is the most popular one. Many international companies that operate here accept cryptocurrency payments. It was a good investment for Romanian people indeed.

The Czech Republic


Unfortunately, countries from Eastern Europe are usually famous for hacking cryptocurrency wallets. However, a truly small percentage of people invest their money in BTC. Still, there is an excuse and that is the Czech Republic.

Believe it or not, around 9% of the citizens invest in BTC in this country. The studies have shown that this number is going to grow in the near future. It is important to mention that most of the Czechs investors are hodlers. They do not want to risk too much because bad investments can cost them a lot.



How to skip the country that has more than a billion citizens? Believe it or not, this country is the leader when we talk about daily exchanges. Currently, a larger number of people started to deal with mining. Still, that doesn’t mean everyone tends to sell or buy a BTC. Part of those investors is part of the Hodling community.

It is important to mention that the Chinese government is not a big fan of cryptos at all. The number of hodlers would probably be a lot bigger if things are different.



Spain has a lot of regular bank ATMs that support BTC exchange. More precisely, there are 96 of them. This country is the fifth largest one in the world with the largest number of installed ATMs.

Because of that, the popularity of this industry started to grow in the last couple of years. Believe it or not, a little more than 10 percent of the people bought and owns some type of digital asset.


Do you remember what we said about Eastern Europe? Well, Poland is another excuse from that part of the world. People do not invest a lot of money in BTC because most of them are still skeptic about this industry. Still, 11% of consumers own a small percentage of cryptos in their capital portfolio. This number tends to grow in the future.

However, the number of people would probably be bigger. Yet, the cryptocurrency exchange BitMarket recently stopped working and many people have lost their money forever. Anyway, some other less popular exchanges are still working and the situation started to improve.



You already know that there are political tensions in this country. Yet, even under these conditions, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular among Turkish consumers. Believe it or not, one in five Turks are BTC hodlers. The Turkish lira lost value because of the recent crisis and that is probably the reason why we have this situation.



Did you now that Japan is one of the few countries whose community is very pro-crypto? It is one of the strongest legitimate means of payment. Because of that, it doesn’t need to surprise us why we have a huge number of BTC hodlers there.

Another reason is probably the security that Japanese exchanges offer. You can’t start a private exchange if you do not have the necessary license for that. Except that, Japan is the country with the second-largest trading volume against BTC. Logically the USA is in the first place.



What is the first association for you when you hear the word “Switzerland”? The answer is – BANKS. This is a country famous because of its financial institutions. Still, institutions wanted to be innovative and they started to accept BTC and other cryptos as regular payment methods.

They do not only support BTC; they also accept LTC, ETH, and XRP. Because of these changes, the number of BTC hodlers doubled in the last few years.

South Korea


The government of this country is a lot more tolerant to BTC and other cryptos. Because of that, may Chinese investors started picked their neighbors as the right place where they can invest in BTCs.

Around 10% of South Korean consumers (including Chinese ones) have invested in BTC. This makes South Korea the thirst-biggest country with the number of BTC trades in the world.