The Best Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin has become one of the most fascinating “inventions” in this decade. Becoming rich thanks to BTC is a complex process, and we suggest you check to find out more. Anyway, if you plan to work with Bitcoin, then you need to find a secure place to store it. More precisely, you will need to find the best Bitcoin wallet.

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the requirements and needs that each user has. Before we start with an explanation, it is important to know that there are 5 types of Bitcoin wallets

  • Hardware wallets – Users consider them as the most reliable ones, but you mustn’t lose this device. In that case, your BTCs will disappear forever. Still, there are small chances something like this could happen.
  • Desktop and Mobile wallets – These two are also quite popular among BTC users. They are safe, but we need to say that they are quite attractive to hackers.
  • Web wallets – Beginners usually start with this type of wallets because they are very easy-to-use
  • Paper wallets – In this case, the private keys are written on a piece of paper.

Now when we explain which types of wallets you can use, it is the right moment to see which Bitcoin wallets could be the best for your needs.

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Electrum Wallet

This wallet is quite popular among users that prefer to store their coins on the desktop. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use. It is available for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Python.

Let’s be a bit negative and say what could go wrong. As we said, this type of wallet is attractive for hacker attacks. Yet, Electrum is constantly improving the security system and, in most cases, they know how to handle this sort of attack. However, hackers are not the only ones that could cause a problem. You also need to take care of your computer device. If the device somehow crashes, you will stay without your BTC.

Still, the good thing is that this app offers a “cold storage” option to its users. It is a recovery process that allows users to create physical cold storage with a handwritten key combination.


We will be direct and say that this is the most secured BTC wallet on our list. It is a hardware type of wallet. More precisely, it is a piece of device that plugs into your mobile or computer. The good thing is that this type of wallet does not only support BTC. It is also reliable for other cryptocurrencies and that could be an advantage for people that do not want to focus only on one crypto.

Some useful features are making this wallet even safer. For instance, there is a password manager and two-factor authentication. If something goes wrong, there is a complex recovery process.


Are you the type of people that want to make money over their mobile devices? Well, this wallet is perfect for you because it is a mobile-only BTC wallet. The app has two versions that support both, iPhone and Android devices. However, we do not suggest it to beginners because it is a bit complex to use. If there is someone more experienced around you, then there should not be a problem.

This wallet boasts “bank-grade security” for its mobile app. Because of that, this app has integration from third parties.

The biggest advantage of all is that you can follow the situation at every moment. You probably bring your mobile always together with you. Well, instead of checking messages on social media, you can use it for a much smarter purpose.


There are many advantages of this wallet, and many people consider it the best option on the market. First of all, it is quite easy for the buying and selling of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Coinbase, users have the option to connect to US bank account and transfer their BTC in or out. Some of the additional cryptocurrencies that this wallet supports are – Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. There are some rumors that Coinbase is soon going to become usable for Ripple users as well.

Another reason why you should maybe choose this wallet is security. They invest much effort to handle the cyber-attacks. They were analyzing the mistakes of Mt.Gox and improved the mistakes this company had. There are regular security updates almost every single day.

Blockchain Wallet

This is another online type of wallet that deserves to be on this list. It is quite similar to Coinbase because it allows users to easily purchase BTC in more than 35 countries around the world. You can work with more than 15 different currencies such as Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, etc.

Blockchain is famous for its powerful security system. First of all, there is a three-key security code that keeps your account safe. After that, there is an email verification and two-factor authentication. Finally, there is a back-up security phrase in the end.


A Frenchman Eric Larcheveque developed this wallet in 2014 when he realized that BTC wallets of that time were quite unreliable. Because of that, he strived to ensure users a secure platform where they can store their coins. That is the reason why this hardware wallet is one of the most popular on the market currently.

You can plug it in almost every tablet, computer, and mobile device. It supports three different operating systems – Mac, Linux, and Windows.


For a long time, this BTC wallet was only available for iPhone users. However, things have changed recently. Android users can now use it as well. Users will be able to manage private keys by using a very easy-to-use interface. It supports BCH, ETH, and a couple more cryptocurrencies.

Infinito Wallet

We will end up this list with a mobile wallet that allows you to store a huge number of cryptocurrencies. Except for BTC, you can store cryptos like XML, EOS, LTC, etc.

Believe it or not, this wallet has a 12-word passphrase that will ensure the security of your wallet. It has a beautiful and attractive design and it is an easy-to-use type of wallets. If you are completely new in this world, we suggest you check out this option.

It is well-known as the wallet that allows users to quickly make transactions. This feature is logical because they work with more than 10 different currencies.

So, what do you think? Which of these wallets will satisfy your needs and requirements?