3 Pillars of a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

As you get older, leading a healthier lifestyle will help you continue to live independently for longer. If you want to improve your mobility and stay independent, you can do yourself a favor by eating healthy and exercising.

Nutrition for Seniors

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Aging means changing nutritional needs. Many seniors find that they eat less; the body requires fewer calories, but there are a number of vitamins and nutrients whose intake you may need to increase for a healthy diet.

Vitamin D & Calcium – Increasing your intake of vitamin D and calcium can improve bone health, an important part of keeping up your mobility and reducing your risk of serious injuries such as broken bones or hip fractures. Dark leafy greens, fortified cereal, and fish can all be rich sources of these vitamins and minerals.

Fiber – Fiber can help lower heart disease risks and reduce your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. A valuable source is whole-grain breads, beans, peas, and fruits and vegetables.

Potassium – As you age, you should be increasing potassium intake at the same time that you decrease sodium in order to reduce your risk of high blood pressure. Rely on fruits, vegetables, and beans to increase potassium. When it comes to reducing sodium, try using more herbs and spices to flavor your food.

If your diet isn’t providing the nutrients you need, find out about supplements. Check this site SupergreenTonik.com for the best and highly-recommeded alternative for your fiber, vitamins and minerals needs to support a healthy body and mind.

Exercise for Seniors

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There are many reasons to keep exercising (or start) as you reach your senior years, including heart health, but one of your main goals should be maintaining balance and mobility. Falls are one of the biggest health risks older seniors face, and there are several exercises that reduce fall risks.

Tai chi – One of the biggest obstacles seniors face to exercise is adjusting to low-impact routines that they can handle. Tai chi is an incredible way to improve your balance without stressing your bones or limbs.

Single limb stance – Using a chair to help you maintain balance and performing the single-limb stance will also help you with muscle strength in your limbs and your sense of balance. You can also do this with arm raises to improve coordination.

Active Senior Communities

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If you’re reaching an age where you’re thinking about moving into a senior living community, finding ways to keep active should be a top concern. Find a senior living community that values active lifestyles and does everything it can to facilitate that.

An active lifestyle can mean anything from regular shopping trips to special events and game nights. There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than eating well and exercising; having a healthy and fun social life is equally important to your physical and mental well-being.

If you’re interested in learning more about active senior communities, visit AllSeniorsCare.com to get more info about residences and activities. They are a senior housing group with multiple residences, all with an emphasis on active lifestyles. They provide a different type of housing that offers flexible care, enabling them to transition from independent lifestyles and get access to care and healthcare as they need it.

A healthy lifestyle means greater independence for today’s seniors.