5 Best Internal Hard Drive For PS4 In 2024

The PS4 launched whit a 500GB hard drive years ago, which felt enough at the time. However, modern games are bigger and bigger, and even the updated versions of the game system are not enough anymore. This is why users need additional internal hard drives. In this article, we will go over some of the best internal hard drives for PS4 in 2024.

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1. Seagate FireCuda ST2000LX001


Seagate is a phenomenal choice for any hard drive, and that includes the PS4 ones. These hybrid drives combine small amounts of solid-state storage with larger capacity hard drives. The 2TB version is what we recommend for enough storage and speeding up of loading times at once. The SSHD FireCuda drives are among the most favorite models among the customers, while Seagate is a trusty brand. The 2TB expansion is enough for all of the new games, while the 8GB of flash storage accelerate how quickly the files are accessed and opened. This means much less time on loading screens and while booting the console.

2. WD Black Mobile 1TB 7200RPM


Although flash memory in a HDD or SDD is great, it is not the only option for an increase in loading speeds. A simpler way is to simply use a faster spinning platter, which is exactly what the WD Black Mobile does. This 2.5-inch model offers both an affordable and reliable 1TB internal drive, while boosting the speed as well. Most hard drives spin at 5,400 revolutions per minute, but this one does it at 7,200RPM. One downside is that the models that fit into the 2.5-inch drive bay only have 1TB of space. If you want a 2TB drive, the size is 3.5 inches. However, although 2TB is great, 1TB of extra space should be enough.

3. Seagate Barracuda (ST2000LM015)


If you want something simple, this Seagate Barracuda is a reliable option. The usual hard drive with standard working rate of 5,400RPM and the 128MB cache is great option. Standard PS4 models will benefit the most from it, because they use older SATA II connections for the hard drives. This offers a slower data transfer speed than SATA III connections with the PS4 Pro, meaning SSDs and hybrid drive benefits cannot be fully utilized. The brand is famous, as we mentioned, which is a strong guarantee. You get a two-year warranty for the 2TB of extra storage, plenty enough for whatever you might need.

4. Samsung 860 Evo


If you desire the best upgrade to your regular or Pro PS4 storage, a 2.5-inch SSD is the way to go. Since the famous brand Samsung make some of the best solid-state drives, rest assured this model is of high quality and great performance. SSD storage is more expensive than traditional hard drives, but they work much faster, decreasing loading and booting speeds by a great deal. You should opt for an SSD especially if you have a PS4 Pro, because of the SATA III feature. A 2TB option will suit all of your storage needs and set you up for the foreseeable future.

5. Crucial MX500


Crucial does not have the same reputation as Samsung when it comes to SSDs, but their MX500 series offers great value and high performance. This 1TB MX500 drive is actually rated higher in sequential read speeds than the previous entry on the list we have just discussed, while being cheaper. The MX500 by Crucial is an awesome way to speed up your PS4 Pro and give you extended storage for whatever files you may have. Thanks to the 250GB to 2TB range, you are free to choose exactly how much space you need. Every model comes with a five-year warranty.

Bonus: Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Drive


The sixth and final entry on the list of best internal hard drives for the PS4 in 2024 is also the third model by the Seagate brand. This is an affordable hard drive, and although the article covers only the internal drives, this one is an external type just in case if you end up needing one. It features a 3.0 USB connection and ranges from 1TB to 5TB. In addition, multiple colors are available including black, red, blue, and silver. It is simple and small in design, and easy to use. If you want something simple that can be used on the go, or if you already have extra internal storage, purchasing an external drive like this seems like a smart investment!