5 Best Outdoor Movie Projectors in 2024

Everyone loves movie nights, right? Of course, movie night has always been a popular way of entertainment. Naturally, everyone loves to host one of these events. In order to have the best possible experience from your movie night, you got to have the proper equipment. One of these devices is a projector.

You can choose between indoor projectors during wintertime or outdoor movie projector during hot springs. Now, we are going to talk about outdoor movie projectors. They are specially made for watching movies outside, and they are working even in the darkest environment possible.

In order to have a proper quality outdoor projector, it must have the ability to at least project 2,000 lumens. The is the lowest quality that you need to have projections outside, in your backyard, or garden. Also, you should pay attention to the size of the screen, resolution, and many other elements that could prove to be crucial for the overall quality of your entertainment.

Of course, you might need to complement these elements to the location you have chosen for watching the movie. So, in order to help you with choosing the best outdoor movie projector for you and your family, you can always choose projector rental service by clicking here or you can follow a list of the best outdoor movie projector in 2019. If you are ready, let’s begin.

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1. BenQ HT2550


HT2550 from BenQ will provide you with vividly sharp videos on your next movie night that you plan to host outdoors. This device features 2200 lumens, 8.3 million pixels, and it is compatible with 4K UHD. You will discover that this device projects an image of the highest possible quality.

Also, it is optimized for HDR with its Auto HDR color rendition, cinema-optimized technology, and HDR 10 support. Furthermore, this is one of the smallest and most lightweight projectors that you can find that has this, amazing, image quality. Watching a movie outdoors will be much more pleasant with BenQ’s HY2550.


– HDR optimized
– 8.3 million various pixels
– Cinematic color technology
– One of the lightest and smallest projectors
– Support for 4K


– Annoying bit of light from the vent
– Possible delay while changing inputs

2. Epson HC1450


When it comes to Epson HC1450, you can expect a higher color brightness up to 3 times. This is a device that will offer you some exceptional performances. Also, it comes with 3-chip and 3 LCD technology that can provide you with some of the most stunning images even when you are located outside of your house.

Plus, this device offers a full 1080P HD support for a stunning picture. It doesn’t matter if you are watching movies or sports. It is very easy to set up. Literally, you can make it work in a matter of minutes after you open the box. This product of Epson has a built-in 16watt speaker, which is more than we can say for projectors that can project only videos.


– Easy setup
– Two HDMI ports
– 1080P HD support
– Provides brightness and vivid colors
– High brightness


– Speakers can cut out sometimes

3. LG HU80KA


There is nothing on the US market that can be compared to LG’s HU80KA. This projector is capable of projecting ultra HD image, up to 2500 lumens. You can watch movies up 150’’ screen size even if you choose to watch your movie outdoors. Also, it is HDR compatible and it can be used on a smart TV. Also, it has one of the most exceptional designs you can ever see.

It can be considered as an opposite to the traditional projectors that can be mounted most times. This LG product has a handle of its own, and its own case which makes it possible that you can carry it anywhere. However, it is most popular because of its design. It performs greatly as an outdoors projector.


– 2500 lumens
– Compatible with smart TV
– Can project up to 150’’ screen size
– Small and lightweight
– 4K Ultra HD


– 16:9 resolution doesn’t work properly

4. Optoma HD143X


You will have the time of your life while watching movies projected by HD143X because it features a colorful 3000 lumens and a 23000:1 contrast ratio. You will be surprised how amazing the details are and how exceptionally projected colors look.

You can rest assured that you don’t need to turn off the lamps because they can work up to 12000 hours. This device offers a 1080P HD resolution that will be very good for projecting video games and movies. This is most definitely one of the best projectors that will stumble across on the US market.



– 1080P HD resolution
– 3000 lumens
– Features BrilliantColor
– Easy setup and use


– Limited zoom

5. Optoma UDH60


With Optoma, you can enjoy watching movies in 4K, with the highest possible resolution at 3840×2160. It will provide you with some of the most vivid images, even when you are in your backyard, where is much darker, than in your house. It features a cinematic color and 3000 lumens.

Plus, this device is HDR-compatible, which means that you can watch movies with the deepest blacks, brightest whites and stunning colors with updated gamut compatibility. In addition, we would like to point out that this device offers a 1.6x zoom with the flexible and intuitive installation.



– HDR compatibility
– 3000 lumens
– 4K UHD video capability
– 1.6x zoom capability


– HDMI ports can sometimes be a problem