5 Best Painting Ideas For Your Bedroom

The most intimate room in the entire house is our bedroom. So, each one of us want to design it according to our personal taste and style. When we search the Internet, we get thousands of painting ideas and decorative designs.

But we don’t know which one to choose, how to choose and above all, which one will suit the bedroom most? Here, we can search the Internet and choose the best painting designs as per our choice. Later, we can call the malerkanonen.dk painting professionals, so that we can share the ideas with them.


Here are the 5 best painting ideas that always work to paint a bedroom.

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The scale of the Maroni matched with the Whites

These are very light and timeless palettes that evoke an elegant and non-fashionable environment. It is no coincidence that it is a frequent combination in the most beautiful house. Obviously, whites (ivory, cream, optical white) are the prevailing colors, while browns are used for fabrics, curtains, wood with important visible veins, complements. The choice of textures and materials must be careful and not too Spartan. In short, a look with an evergreen result that never has peaks of unmanageable or too bright tones, to confirm the elegance and the refined look.

Woods with Stone Color


The wood has always been a king material, attractive and close to our visual and tactile most primitive needs. Combined with the stone color it creates a composition that sends us back to the ancestral environments of primordial energy, to the archetypes that we pass on for generations. This pairing will never go out of style. Matching colors in the bedroom with these two materials is very simple because it is a style close to “poor art” – simple shapes, clean lines and a touch of softness with curtains and fabrics in linen and cotton.

White together with Black


The black & white is an always current combo. The difficulty is reading it and applying it correctly. There are so many possibilities of interpretation, but the most effective ones concern the total black and white, without other interference colors. When you think of matching colors in the bedroom with the counter and the black, or with just the black, you have to check two important elements – the configuration of the space which must have enough air and light, and then make sure that some wall is also black to complete the look. White bedroom with black furniture, Black and white bedroom with light and dark furnishings gives you the elegant looks.

The Grey painting reveals your personality


Even the grey is a color that is often used for elegant bedrooms. However, grey is a color that tends to cool and render space more plastic. Use it only if you have a wooden floor that gives warmth, or mixed with a warmer, earthy color. Create a combination that is beyond the monochromatic, to prevent the room from becoming heavy right away.

Match a wallpaper with color schemes

Even wallpapers can help complete the room


Look for tone-on-tone designs so as not to dematerialize the nuances of the room. If you want to dare with color, make sure everything else is monochrome. It is recommended not to overdo the bright colors because a bedroom with too much chromatic energy disturbs the rest. Be careful to choose the right references because they often involve very large rooms or with details (doors, windows, lights) that are not exactly like yours.

These are the 5 best painting suggestion which you can apply to your bedroom. But this is not an end. If you have something else in mind, do not forget to consult with the professional.