Best Robot Vacuum Reviews

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners are small cleaning devices that are programmed to clean with little or no human intervention. The most sophisticated models do not require any form of manual override. They are majorly round in shape and are less noisy as compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners.

Most of the robovacs available in the market are rechargeable and as such, need charging sessions before all cleaning is done. You will just need to press on a few buttons to choose the time interval between recharging. Depending on the model you pick, dust gathered will either be sent to the air filters, or you will be notified when the bag is full.

Robot vacuum cleaners turn to vacuum into a whole new experience. If you have not been fortunate to scroll through robot vacuum reviews or gotten yourself one, here is what they do. They take care of the dust on your carpets on complete autopilot!

The one question that a lot of people in robot vacuum review forums want answers to is whether the vacuums can really replace the efficiency of the conventional manually-operated vacuums. The simple answer to this is-the robot cleaners is as good as the conventional ones. The only slight with them is the inability to clean up the stairs and areas that are above the normal floor surface.

The slight disadvantage of being unable to climb up the surfaces, however, is more than compensated by what the robovacs can accomplish while cleaning under furniture! They will make you completely forget what it is bending your back to reach the dirt under your couches used to feel like.

However, there are varieties of models out there, with some being more efficient than others are. Vacuum reviews help you choose the best cleaner.

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How Do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work?

Robot vacuums are able to clean by tapping into the power of Artificial intelligence. Before it starts cleaning, a robot will take its equivalent of a field study. It will scan the area to be cleaned and identify specific areas with obstacles.

Once it has identified its cleaning path, the hard work of cleaning starts.

When cleaning, the robot vacuum will take itself to its base for recharging if need be, and according to the time intervals you have set for it. After every successful recharge, the robovacs resumes cleaning from where it left off.

When the robot vacuum is done cleaning and depending on the model you are using, dust is sent to a filter, or you are alarmed to empty the bag.

What You Should Check When Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Like every other consumer commodity, it is important that you put some factors into consideration when choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner reviews. You can find this information in forums and blog around the cyberspace.

To make it easier for you to pick the best robot vacuum cleaners, we gathered the following point that you should be on the lookout for when choosing robot vacuum cleaners.

Battery life– this determines how long your machine will work continuously before it can be recharged. It is specifically of great concern if the model does not have a home base for auto recharging. In case your battery has low life, you will likely have to stick around as cleaning goes on. If you intend to be outdoors most of the time, make sure your cleaner’s battery has a long life.

Sucking power– this has to be high if you intend to use it on your pet. It is the surest route to picking all embedded dust and pet hair.

Air filters– a machine that is able to filter dust from the air would suit you most if you have allergies.

The Top Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

There are several models of robot vacuum cleaners available in the market, but if you are looking to get the best experience, your aim should be to get the best of the best out there. In this section, we review 5 of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market.

1. Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2

Though less automated, this vacuum comes at a low cost while still being able to carry out the performances of other expensive models. It does not have a base for automatic recharging, and therefore, you have to intervene when the battery power runs low. The Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-22 has a battery operating time of 80 minutes, while full recharging takes 3 hours.

It emits UV radiations which identify and kill germs. This would be particularly ideal for you in case you have allergies.

2. iRobot Roomba 780

This is one of the most advanced models of robot cleaners. It can detect the quantity of dust, and as such, takes more time in areas of high concentration. It actually collects close to 100% of dust and pet hair. It then sends the collected dirt to air filters. When the dust bag is full, this device will alert you.The Roomba 780 also comes with infrared radiations, which enables it to navigate from one room to another with ease.

3. iRobot Roomba 770

If you suffer from allergies, this is your number one choice when it comes to robotic cleaning. With a powerful vacuum system installed, the Roomba can filter out the tiniest of contaminants from the air, more about Roomba vacuum you can read in this article.

It can also adjust itself with changes in the surface being cleaned. You need not worry when you have a carpet on a hard floor.

This magnificent device performs just as efficiently as the 780 version. It only gets better since it comes at a relatively lower cost. It also has long battery life. You can rest assured that cleaning will go on with or without your continued supervision.

4. Neato Robotics XV-12

This cleaner has the ability to formulate very clear cleaning paths away from obstacles. There is a wonderful side to this; in case there is a change in room arrangement in the course of cleaning, the Neato Robotics XV-12 will adjust its system to take care of that.

Like the Roomba 770, it can automatically adjust with changes in the surface being cleaned. With a high power vacuum system, this machine will suck out the most stubborn piece of dirt from wherever embedded.

When the battery power runs low, it automatically goes to its base for recharging.

5. Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy

This super-efficient machine is a great bargain for all the other devices that fall in its price range. Fitted with high power pumps, it is designed for vacuuming pets.
It also has the infrared sensor that eases navigation and is able to auto-adjust when moving from a carpet to hard floor.

As evident above, most of the features in the different models overlap. This could present a new challenge as it would become harder to know exactly which cleaner is best for you. To aid in your decision making, you can always try to remember certain key features. Your robot vacuum reviews should actually give clear information on these features.

With the best robot vacuum, you have a solution to your cleaning needs. Irrespective of the model you choose, it is advisable that you stick around during cleaning. Your pre-programmed machine could think it is home and dry when there is still some cleaning to be done. It is only you who can get your faithful servant back to work! You can also read this post  from pet vacuum lab and check more of the robotic vacuum cleaners which can be interesting for you.