Best Ways to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage – 6 Top Tips

Undoubtedly, it is weird how most homeowners don’t make their garage or shed secure, the same way they secure and protect their homes. For the most part, people end up using an inadequate padlock or lock to secure the contents of their garbage, whether it is a lawnmower, bike, or car.

The truth is that burglars or intruders will commonly try a shed first since they can look for the tools they need to break into your home. In fact, garages are the 4th favorite entry point among burglars.

With that said, it’s crucial to make your shed or carport more secure, especially if you store any valuables inside it. In this post, we’ve covered six ways to secure your home garage.

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1. Always Keep the Door Closed

Although this might appear like a no-brainer or breeze, if you drive through your neighborhood, you are likely to spot several wide-open hangar doors without any residents. Keep in mind that a wide-open garage doorway is a welcoming invitation to intruders and thieves.

As a matter of fact, in Arizona, one homeowner’s association created a rule or regulation that homeowners need to keep their overhead garage doors closed at all times. With the creation of the rule, burglaries or housebreakings dropped by at least fifty percent.

If you are culpable or guilt-ridden by leaving your door wide-open, then think about setting up an automatic door closer or installing a door sensor. Door sensors can inform you whether your overhead entrance is closed or open.

Additionally, after some time, a closer will automatically close down the door. You can find high-quality sensors online, just be sure to visit websites like to read some product reviews. For further security, consider having an automatic door lock to deadbolt your carport entrance when you close it.

2. Cast Some Light

Intruders or house thieves want the cover of the night. And most of them depend on the pitch dark shadows around your shed to conceal their suspicious attempts to break into your house.

The key solution here is to install motion-activated floodlights around the entry-point and windows of your carport. In this way, burglars will surely step back and get cold feet about trying to break into your home.

Another thing, motion-activated lights are particularly beneficial for keeping disconnected or separate carports out of the dark shadows.

3. Guard Your Lock

You can see a lot of videos on Youtube about how simple and effortless it is for burglars with a clothes hanger to open the entrance of your shed in less than five minutes. That said, a few security tips suggest to sever your emergency release cord or make use of a zip tie to get rid of the threat.

However, the problem is that such actions will only lessen the safety or security of your shed’s gate. The good news is that there is a much better solution. It is to shield and protect your lock.

A Garage Shield protects the emergency release cord of your car port’s entrance. Therefore, it is somehow quite impossible for burglars to use it to enter your house. What’s more, this tool is very easy to install and inexpensive and all the while increasing the security of your garage and keeping the release cord within reach in the event of emergencies.

4. Look Over Your Landscaping

Take note that more bold and shameless intruders do not mind sneaking around your property in broad daylight. Even so, they will still make use of the cover or shade provided by a bush or tree near your garage for their benefit.

For this reason, it is wise to clear away shrubs and large trees to keep entry points discernible from the street. Also, passersby and neighbors can look at whatever’s happening around your garage.

It is also a good idea to plant small barbed, spiky bushes under ground-floor carport windows to deter burglars from attempting to break into your house.

5. Put Your Stuff in a Hiding Place

Keep in mind that not all burglars go in blind for robbery. Most thieves study and examine your property for signs or hints that they will hit the jackpot. And an open garage window presenting all your valuable goodies can be only the drive or initiative an intruder needs to target your property the next around.

For you to avoid such thing, interior blinds or curtains work well here. However, if you like to let some light inside and don’t want to stress about closing the blinds, then think about making use of an adhesive window cover, for instance, an Artscape Etched Glass Window Film.

6. Secure Your Side Entrance

Most thieves love to break into a home through the garage’s side door wherein they can do their activities, away from the prying eyes of the neighbors or passersby. And take note that garage side doors with low-quality locks can be thwarted with a well-placed, solid kick.

Fortunately, a couple of changes and updates can keep burglars out. Beef up your service entrance with a deadbolt, and take note that the weakest point of your door is the strike plate. It’s where the lock makes contact with the door.

Be sure to change the strike plate with a fortified one. Another thing, to secure it, ensure to use at least 3-inch screws. When buying a lock, opt for a single-sided deadbolt because these locks have either a keyhole or thumb turn on the inside and a solid strike plate on the outside. Thus, they cannot be picked.


Most garage breakings and enterings can be averted by taking some simple, actionable steps to reinforce and secure windows, overhead, and side doors. Out of all the places in your property, the garage is among the easiest point of entry for burglars. The good news is that all the tips mentioned in this post will surely help in improving, strengthening, or enhancing the security of your home.