6 Useful Tips and Tricks for Beach Camping – 2024 Guide

Beach camping is a unique experience that is very different than regular camping. Those who were camping on a beach in the past can agree that it is really beautiful to wake up in the morning listening to the sea waves and dive in the crystal clear water. Mark from 99camping.com tells us that it also can be very difficult because it’s not that simple if you have a tent and the climate changes may affect your whole experience.

But if you do it right as it needs to be, you can be sure that you will have a once in a lifetime adventure, even if you go back to the same place to camp every year.

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Where should I go camping?


Many popular touristic places have their policies for beach camping, so you may need to have all the needed information about whether it is allowed on the beach you like. You can choose the areas that are specialized in this type of tourism. A lot of these destinations have camps where you can rent a tent or a cabin. Also, they often have areas that are reserved for those who come with their tent or RV. These licensed camps often have toilets and showers, so if you mind about that, choose these types of camping.

If you want to do it on the beach without paying for it, some areas allow you to do that, but you should keep on mind that there are no toilets, no lights, sometimes it would be very hot and the bugs won’t mind coming to your camp or tent as uninvited guests.

Should I consider wild beach camping instead of campsites?


This choice depends on many factors, including your personal preference, your budget and the restrictions the campsites have. So, if you want a wild adventure, you should choose some hidden beach spot. Do you love beach camping and often travel to beach areas? If yes, then showcase your love for beautiful beaches in your home interior. You can hang beautiful beach-inspired wall arts in your room and can create personalized decor. Try buying the beach-inspired wall prints from trusted sites like ElephantStock.

You should only choose a spot that is near a store or supermarket because you will need to buy fresh drinkable water and bread every few days, which are essentials for camping meals. Also, you need to check if you can stay there overnight, because some areas have strict restrictions about night camping, because of the waves, bugs and many other things that can destroy your vacation.

Do I need folding furniture?


That depends on your wishes and preferences. But since you need to eat and drink and you can’t do it on the sand because of practical reasons, you may consider buying folding tables and chairs that won’t take too much space in your camp or tent and you can use it every day, even on sand.

The camping tables are an essential need if you go with your family and friends. There is nothing better than eating and playing games with the people you love, and you can’t do that on the ground. So, this website advises you to choose weather-resistant and still lightweight folding tables for your camping experience this year.

What gear and equipment do I need?


As we already mentioned, you need to have a tent, RV or camp, an area where you can stay, practical folding furniture and enough food that won’t spoil until you are there. But also, you may need a sleeping bag, blankets, and pillows, because the nights near the sea can be very cool. Take a beach umbrella that will protect you from the sunlight and UV-rays, but also consider placing the camp near the trees, so you can use natural shadow. Bring trash bags, because you need to collect the garbage and all the waste you leave behind you.

When it comes to cooking, you need to have a remote stove to cook and warm up the meals, grill, multi-tool knife, cooking pots, lighter and matches. You may think that it’s better to use paper or plastic plates and bowls, but that is too much waste. On the other hand, washing the dishes can be very challenging, so you need to plan this part very smartly.

Don’t bring too much food that is easily spoiled under the sun. Keep enough tea bags, coffee, and water. Try to beach camp near a town where you can buy fresh food, bread, and water, so you can have them any time of the day you need.

What about clothes and hygiene items?


When you plan beach camping you should know that you won’t need too many clothes, just a pair of swimsuits, bikini, a hat, a few T-shirts and something warm and comfortable for the evenings.

You should keep your hygiene routine during the stay, so you need a toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, soap, sunscreen, your home pharmacy, bug repellent and gels or creams that can ease the mosquito bites, or sea urchin stings and jellyfish burn eventually. When it comes to speakers, music players, cameras and mobile phones choose waterproof ones or buy a waterproof case, so you won’t destroy them in the sea. Take two or three books, so you can spend your afternoon chilling and reading on a beach.

Some useful tips and hacks


When you camp on a beach, you can’t avoid the sand on your skin and very often you will bring it inside the tent. But, baby powder can help. It dries your skin and makes the sand fall off.

Also, you should put a specialized rubber sheet right before the tent, so you can clean your feet and slippers before going in. Bring a brush or mop that will help you keep the tent clean.

The sand is not a stable base, so you will need heavier camping equipment to keep the tent on its place. Don’t place the tent in front of the ocean or the sea. You don’t want to wake up in the morning complete wet. You should place it about 20 feet (about 6 meters) away from the water, so you can avoid an unwanted flood inside.

We hope we helped you to get to know everything that you need for your next beach camping adventure during summer 2024.