7 Brilliant Tips When Shooting Male Fashion Models

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in which photography is focused on. Fashion photography is all about exhibiting different clothing fitting different body sizes, contours, and colors. This is one of the marketing strategies of clothing companies to broaden the people supporting their creations. With the help of photography, their designs are manifested in the best way possible experimenting with brightness, saturation, lighting, and angles.

Hiring male fashion models as their subjects is the best way to exhibiting different clothing design creations. Apart from their strong built and character, the masculine aura is best used to emphasize the details and edges of the clothing. Male fashion photography provides a sense of direction to the clothing line by empowering these clothes with confidence and freedom. With these amazing tips, we can know more about male fashion photography. Who knew you could take exemplary photos like a pro?

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Choose a Concept


Choosing a concept is like asking yourself what you want your viewers to see? This is the part where themes are created. Concepts vary depending on the personal preference of the client. They have to agree which theme best highlights the clothing. This will open the eyes of your audience. Think of a concept that will leave your clients astounded. Will the photos be filled with drama, joy, freedom, and any other emotions as long as the theme gets to show the statement of the clothing.

Allow the male fashion models to take a grasp of what the concept is. In this way, they will be able to reenact the scenario in the most natural yet enjoying way. Most models are too focused on the concept that they tend to forget the essence of the clothes which makes the photos look unoriented and scripted. When male fashion models are well-acquainted of the concept, the output will look as if the model is a natural.

Select Locations That will Work

For male fashion photography, both indoor and outdoor locations will work. Ensure that the chosen locations are not too grand that the essence of the clothes fades. Some settle for a plain white background which remains as the simplest yet the most elegant background showing the details and contours of the clothing while other photographers prefer the natural environment. The environmental factors would be a difficult thing to play with but the results are impressive.

Power Your Photographs with Top of the Line Equipment

Apart from the skill and knowledge on photography, it’s also about being acquainted with the equipment. From the camera to the flexible LED lighting equipment and camera batteries know the ins and outs in photography. This will give you an edge considering that most photographers cannot stand alone. When you know how your equipment functions, directing would not be a hard thing to do during a shooting.

Utilize Natural and Artificial Lighting


The utilization of natural light and artificial lighting depends on what time of the day would you prefer to shoot. For natural lighting, golden hour is one of the preferred hours of shooting which happens minutes before sunset or sunrise. When photographs are captured within a natural environment, as a photographer, you will adjust with the natural conditions. See the perks of shooting under natural light or environment.

On the other hand, artificial lighting is also preferred by photographers. They get ahold of the environmental attributes. Since this will be done in the studio, you tend to be more flexible. Directing on a studio is not as complicated as directing on a natural environment. Male fashion models are more of a natural when it comes to posing under natural and artificial light. As the photographer, they will use their skill in playing with different poses that work well with the lighting used.

Play with Different Contour-Enhancing Poses

Photographers are also known as directors, with experimenting with different poses that boosts the clothing design. Contour-enhancing poses are leaning, strolling, arching arm, one leg up, and other poses which makes them look broad and bold. Provide a model pose guide that will give the model an idea on the different poses which make the clothing stand out. Show a little or more skin but make sure that the model exhibits both the personality of the model and the clothing.

Male fashion models pose more naturally than female ones. Their manliness is the biggest bonus because the output is presented that these men are natural in modeling. Regardless of their body type and color, every male model has the best feature to flaunt. Allow the camera to see through it and exhibit their best self.

Flaunt Their Flaws and Best Features


What are the best features of your male fashion model? Is it their height, shoulders, jaw, biceps, or abs? Regardless of which make them feel comfortable in seeing through their best features as well as their flaws consider the camera as the naked eye. What is a better way of portraying a character than helping your model incorporates his personality to the character you want to build? When you embrace both their flaws and best features, they will feel more proud about being a subject in male fashion photography.

Make the Final Touches

The final step of producing awesome photos of models is editing. Even with the best pictures, you still need to make some improvements and final touches. It may seem like a simple task, but editing pictures can be challenging. You need to have the right skills and knowledge to achieve the proper ways of editing stunning photos.

Apart from this, make sure you are comfortable. For example, If you’re working on your desktop computer, make sure to sit on an ergonomic chair. According to Lamicall.com, you’re working on a laptop, it’s highly recommended to put it on a foldable laptop stand for better positioning.


In shooting male fashion models, you have to know what their strengths and weaknesses are in modeling. Engage in what they can do and improve to produce an effective output. Photographing designed clothing is not considered as rocket science. You just have to maximize the models best features and flaws to come up with the most natural-looking photograph.