A Guide for Startups Looking to Open Their First Office in 2024

Opening the first office is a pretty challenging step, even more so for startups. Considering all the time and money that are required- it can seem like a daunting task. Opening a new office also requires a lot of research. This is because the office space must be compatible with the company’s vision, mission, and goals.

A good office will move the business forward. A bad office selection slows down productivity and creates more problems than solutions. In this article, we’ll talk about the 21 things you must keep in mind if you’re opening a new office- these tips will also help you if you’re considering moving your office to a new location.

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Assess the Needs of Your Facility


Many startups make the mistake of opening a new office without analyzing how it’ll affect the business process. You need to have a clear understanding of how a new office will serve all of the employees and customers. You need to take other stakeholders into consideration. This initial planning will help you to better design a budget and choose a location.

Teamwork is Crucial


The opinion and support that you get from every party involved will greatly help you make the best possible decision. There should be a strong collaborative environment among everyone- lawyers, employees, real estate agents, and you can use Upnest to find the best ones in your area.

Plan the Budget Early on

It’s essential to be honest in this step- figure out the things you’ll be able to afford and others that you won’t be able to afford. The budget is crucial in determining the location, set up cost, rent, moving cost, and so on. We recommend to include little things like reprinting the business cards with the new address.

Commercial Real Estate Agent


If you have little or no prior experience in looking for a new commercial space, it’s wise to get help from a commercial real estate agent. He can help you a lot in finding a space that’s suitable for your business and located in a suitable space.

Location is Very Important


There are so many things you need to consider with due importance in fixing a location. A good location is convenient not only for customers but also for employees.

You should also consider other things like the proximity of the potential location to transportation services like airport and shipping, which might be vital to your business. A fancy location is not always the best place for your startup.

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The Surrounding Community

You don’t want your new office to be in a location where the community is not supportive of your business. You don’t want it to be in an isolated place where your employees can’t grab lunch outside.

Don’t Forget About Your Clients


You need to make the new office as accessible as possible for your clients. Many startups overlook many things when opening a new office, like the reception and parking space for clients.

Don’t Forget about the Employees too

You’re moving to a new location to move your business forward. But don’t forget about your employees who will be working there every day. The decision to have a new office shouldn’t cause them any dissatisfaction- if they have to travel a lot to get to the new place, there is a chance that their productivity and satisfaction level will be negatively affected.

Lease or Buy?


Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. A real estate agent can give you proper guidance on the available options. You should seek the help of an accountant too.

Be Aware of the Hidden Costs


Hidden costs like repairs have the potential to increase rental rates over time. So keep a heads up for these costs. Design your budget keeping the long-term costs in mind.

Prioritize Functionality


The layout of your new office will be crucial in maintaining the workflow among the employees. Prioritize functionality in order to increase the productivity of your workplace.

Keep Future Growth in Mind

Obviously, you won’t move to a new location just after a few years because you need more space. You need to anticipate this future growth beforehand while planning to open a new office. Choose an office that has room for this future growth.

Ensure an Awesome Experience

You need to design the new office space so that it’ll positively impact the visitors. You need to look at things like signs, colors, reception, and other factors in order to provide a superb experience to the visitors.

Space should be Comfortable for Everyone

Your employees and clients should all find your office a comfortable place to be in. Remember, your employees will spend a lot of time in your office, so make the new space as comfortable as possible to ensure their satisfaction and productivity.

Put the Office Culture into Consideration

Several important elements of your office will depend on the nature of your startup culture. For example, you don’t want dull colors for a creative agency.



Choosing the right paint is very important in establishing the feel in your office. You should choose a paint that suits your office culture and leaves a good impression on your clients and employees.

Moving Logistics

This step comes after you’ve selected a suitable place for your new office. You’ll need to decide whether to move in stages or move all things simultaneously. Don’t forget about your employees, who will also have to move their equipment.

Set up the Services

Once you’re done with the physical layout, it’s time for you to set up the telecommunication and internet services for the new space.



This is the perfect time to get rid of useless objects like old documents and damaged furniture. It’s always a great idea to start anew.

Purchase Only the Basic Things

But only the necessary items for your new office. You don’t want to unnecessarily increase your budget and cause clutter in the new space.

Announce that You’re Moving

This announcement should be made on your website and listings. You’ll also have to reprint the business cards mentioning the new address.


Having the right plan when opening a new office can save your startup a lot of money and time. Prioritize the right location, budgeting, and layout for getting that perfect new office space.