How To Stay Motivated As A Virtual PA

There are many PA jobs in London that PAs can apply for, one more increasingly popular variant being a virtual PA. A virtual PA does the same tasks as a normal PA but works from home rather than in an office.

Being a virtual PA is ideal if you prefer the idea of having a more flexible career path. As long as the work gets done, in many cases, you’re free to schedule your own day from the comfort of your home. There is a catch, however, in that many people who work from home struggle with productivity. With so many distractions and just the general mindset of being at home rather than the office, it can be easy to develop bad habits and lose motivation.

So, how do you stay motivated as a virtual PA? Attic Recruitment offers some tips and advice.

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Develop a routine

Working from home is no different from working in an office – you still need to establish a personal routine. Aside from your considerably shorter commute, nothing else should change about the way you approach your work. It always helps to start every day off in a consistent manner, so you’re never lost about what you need to do next.

Everyone’s routine is different, and it may take a couple of weeks for it to become second nature. But persevere, it’s worth it to give yourself a sense of purpose. Write yourself a list of tasks you will need to do every morning, and let them form the basis of your new routine.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself goals is the key to feeling a sense of accomplishment every day – it’s this which will help you to stay motivated. They don’t need to be large goals, instead focus on smaller goals that are realistically achievable in a relatively short space of time.

So, for example, a goal might be to have your list of emails cleared out, with every necessary email answered. Or it might be to complete a given project for a certain client ahead of schedule. It may be to tidy up some of your document folders or de-clutter your workspace.

Choose the right location

As a virtual PA, you can now work from bed if you really want to. But, you shouldn’t. It’s important to invest some time and effort in setting up a dedicated home office space. It doesn’t need to be a whole room if you haven’t the space to spare, but you need a specific static location to work.

A desk, comfortable chair, telephone, and plenty of natural light are all high on the list of priorities. You should also be somewhere that you won’t be constantly disturbed. Once you have established a perfect spot, set about letting your personality-free and decorate it as you would any other office.

Reward yourself


Rewards are a key part of keeping you motivated because they give you something to work towards. Tie this in with setting yourself goals, and determine your own reward system in line with what you can achieve. The joy of this is that you can reward yourself any way you like.

It could be with a bar of chocolate with your morning coffee, or a nice walk at lunchtime on a sunny day. It could be with a takeaway at the end of a long working week or a new item of clothing or gadget. As long as it’s something you want, it’s something you’ll be willing to work to earn.

Staying motivated as a virtual PA is essential – fortunately, with these top tips, you’ll stay motivated every day to keep your best work flowing.