About Coloured Contact Lenses in Australia

You can wear high-quality color contact lenses at a lower price online in Australia. You can get the best prices of colored contact lenses from most manufacturing brands in Australia; for instance, some provides services like express delivery, a professional helpline, and health fund covered colored contacts.

In case you have any further questions you may have about prescription colored contacts, a professional helpline will get you covered. Besides, 24 hours email service will guide you through online ordering.


Some prescription colored contacts are medical devices in Australia. Depending on the situation, it is not mandatory to wear colored contacts that are solely prescribed by optometrist who will determine the powers, types, base curve, size, and the material. They will also establish your wearing and replacement schedules. Each vital information needed for ordering a specific product type of colored contacts must be indicated on the colored contacts prescription script; get your prescription from an optometrist.

In case you are wearing frequent or planned replacement colored contacts, please ensure that you will follow every single instruction to the latter. The manufacturers of these lenses and your optometrists provide labeled instructions for the correct use, and how to care and clean your contact lenses. Failing to adhere to the guidelines will put you at a higher risk of contracting severe eye problems.


It is advisable not to miss out on any visits with your optometrists simply because your lenses feel comfortable. To prevent vision problems, a helpful tip would be carrying out regular follow-up visits.  Remember that the continuous support of your optometrist for the regular eye checks will enable your eyes remain healthy and see well.

There are a variety of non-prescription novelty, crazy, and cosmetic colored contact lenses available at CosplayLens.com.

There are several Australian owned colored contacts online retailers; they work for several qualified optical dispensers and optometrists available in Sydney and other parts of the country. Fortunately, most of them guarantee that all their products are genuine and factory sealed. Make a purchase directly from manufacturers and distributors of colored contacts in Australia from brands like Alcon, ABK Vision, Bausch & Lomb, and Johnson & Johnson Acuvue. The contacts you receive are identical to any other that you buy from optometrists or the local optical stores.

In case you are a member of a private health fund, you can also claim optical benefits for all colored contacts bought from brands like My Contact Lens. This provision keeps you from paying anything or other pocket expenses. Most customers in Australia get their parcels within 1 to 5 working days thanks to some of the distributors who dispatch orders from their warehouses and send them through Australia post express delivery.

Even though there is no single best place to buy colored contacts in Australia, be sure of getting the best value for your money with the products to your total satisfaction since several brands in the country are committed to offering you high-quality service.


You will get the absolute cheapest colored contacts on the market if you are interested; but if you are searching for the best overall value, you will get great manufacturing brands that deliver the best in terms of availability, convenience, professional services, and customer service. You can shop online and receive the world’s best-selling colored contacts for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly use, or extended wear colored contacts.

Apart from other colored contacts, you may shop online for different types like crazy, novelty, and crazy contacts. Examples of such lenses available in Australia include Air Optix Night and Day, 1 Day Acuvue Moist, Dailies FreshLook Illuminate, Acuvue define, Focus Dailies, Biofinity, Acuvue TrueEye, Clariti 1 Day, Air Opix Aqua, Avaira, cAir, Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Vita, Dailies Total 1, PureVision2, ColourVue Crazy blends, SoftLens Daily Disposables, MyDay, SoftLens Daily Disposables, Biotrue, TrueBlends, Ultra, AquaComfort, Air Optix Plus, FreshLook ColourBlends coloured contacts and so much more.