The Future of Italian Cars: Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT

Nowadays, Alfa Romeo doesn’t have a real superstar within its ranks. However, if you compare it to the best cars from Lamborghini and Ferrari lineup, there is one that can stand up to them. We are going to talk about the Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT. This exceptional concept arrives from Modena, Italy.

It was created by Luca Serafini’s page on Behance, which was responsible for exceptional images of potential Dodge Demon Shooting and Tesla pickup. This is a very modern design that has some resemblance to the older Montreal couple that was originally made back in 1970. Back then this was a very popular design and it was one of the most original ones.

According to some reports, the original Montreal design had a huge influence on the whole concept of Serafini. Among other elements, it had an influence on hood-mounted vents, the dual headlights, and triangular grille. Furthermore, this concept consists of curved lines and silhouettes, but it has fewer angles than any other famous Italian products. It has an elongate roof that suggests its front-engine platform and it has large V8 and V12. However, it doesn’t feature any details that are typical for the powertrain. Proudly, Serafini claims that their Montreal Vision GT to be one of their most beautiful designs. After they manufactured some products that featured multiple colors.

Alfa Romeo, a famous Italian company, was always known as an innovator in the automobile industry. Alfa Romeo Montreal served as a tribute to Serafini’s father who owned Alfa Romeo Montreal. This is an updated version of this popular, greatly designed, vehicle. Its rear-ends are rounded out by their unique setup that is quad-exhaust. This looks like something that you can see in “Gran Turismo”. Also, it is similar to the recent releases from another Italian giant Bugatti.

Serafini claims that he remembers the vehicle that his father was driving while he was a young boy. He says that this was his first encounter with the automobile world. Furthermore, he says that he always loved that smell of the leather interior when he was going downstairs and seeing his father’s Alfa Romeo that was painted in orange/metallic color. He even stated that he considered this car a unicorn at that time. In reality, today that car I just one of the classic vehicles that can be found all over the US.

In addition, he says that this car resembled the aggressive style and muscular dynamics. So, this was the reason he started thinking about re-making that model and making it more modern and suitable for today’s standards. He used all his knowledge, hard work, and resources to make the better version of his car from childhood. Today, he presents it to the world as the updated model of his favorite vehicle from his childhood. In the end, he states that it’s not the question of functional engineering or style choices. His only intention was recreating something from his childhood. It turned out to be a fantastic solution for many other people.