6 Ways to Use Augmented and Virtual Reality at Trade Shows – 2024 Guide

Standing out from the competition at a trade show can be a daunting task. Instead of relying on traditional, outdated methods, you should offer your visitors a unique experience through augmented and virtual reality tools!

If you’re debating whether it’s worth the investment or not, keep on reading because we’ll show you all the ways AR and VR technology can help you dominate the next trade show you plan to attend!

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

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Number 1: Use it to display your products

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Showcasing your newest products in an interesting way is of the utmost importance for attracting new customers at a trade show. You can use AR and VR tools to create a fun display for your products.

This is especially important for businesses that have extremely large products, such as cars, for example. Transportation and venue costs can be large in such instances, so augmented and virtual reality can save you a lot of money.

Other than that, using VR and AR to inform your potential customers about a new product or a product line you’re launching is a fun and memorable way to go about it. The potential clients will remember you for it, that’s for sure!

Number 2: Use it to send a message

The most important part of attending a trade show is to promote your brand and gain new clients. The only way to ensure this is by standing out from everyone else at the event. While VR and AR are becoming increasingly popular, chances are you’ll be able to catch the eye with a quality custom made booth. These are such a great investment to make because they send an important message to everyone out there: the company knows the importance of new tech and they’re not afraid to follow the trends.

Your customers will be able to see that you care about the event, and you’ll be able to leave a strong impression. This will affect how the potential clients see you, and it will do so in a positive manner since it sends a message of professionalism and reliability.

Number 3: Use it to entertain

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Let’s be realistic, trade shows get boring after browsing through a few displays, especially if it’s just “sales talk” all the time. Once you order a custom made AR/VR display, making it all entertaining is a difficult task made easy.

Make sure to order a custom made design, and be as creative as you can! Remember, the point of it is to sell your products, so it has to be a bit more than simply entertaining. For example, you can tell your company’s story through an interactive VR display, which will make your visitors actually pay attention. There’s nothing more powerful than evoking emotion through your promotional content, so keep that in mind and create a unique VR experience for your guests.

Number 4: Use it to inform

If there’s a lot of information you’d like to convey at the next trade show, and you’re unsure where to start, virtual reality and augmented reality can become your best friends!

You can make interactive games and quizzes that provide both entertainment and relevant information simultaneously. It will certainly help in keeping your visitors’ attention to where you want it to be. Of course, to be able to do all of this, you’ll need to contact a reliable supplier, so make sure you do the necessary research. For instance, you can click here to find examples of custom made virtual reality and augmented reality displays for your next tradeshow.

All in all, both VR and AR can be a different, exciting way of learning, so use them to your advantage at the next trade show. You’ll quickly see the results, and you’ll avoid boring your visitors to death with overwhelming amounts of information. Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can make the info easily digestible and fun. Of course, you still have to make sure to place the info strategically and simplify it as much as you can.

Number 5: Use it to get the feedback you need

Source: eventmarketer.com

Another great benefit of using virtual reality is that it lets people experience your products, which helps you get immediate feedback on their thoughts and feelings. You can gather useful data by just looking at their reactions. You might even find ways to improve and develop your products to make them more marketable.

If it’s a new product line, you’ll quickly see how it’s accepted at a general level, and you’ll be able to make last-second changes before the launch. So yes, while your primary goal is to inform the visitors about your products, don’t forget to gather some information for yourself too. Running a successful business largely depends on your knowledge of the market, and trade shows are the perfect place to gather more info and possibly broaden your niche.

Number 6: Use it to maximize the use of space

As we previously mentioned, large venues at trade shows can be costly. Getting a VR or AR booth instead can help you “fit” everything you want without having to pay extra just to display every single product you’re planning on promoting.

So, while it might seem expensive at first, VR and AR displays can actually help you save some money, all while providing your visitors with a superb experience. What’s more, you won’t have to “sacrifice” a product to display another since VR technology allows you to display everything you need, no matter how large it is.

There are even instances of companies promoting planes via VR solutions! Everything can fit inside of the VR world: the possibilities are endless!

The bottom line

Custom virtual and augmented reality displays are an incredible way to promote your business at a trade show. You can easily tell stories, entertain and inform your visitors, all while saving on venue costs.

Using VR and AR can help you stand out from the crowd and get even the most stubborn passer-by interested in your products. It can help you attract new customers and set your brand apart from the competitors, so it’s a worthy investment to make!