Battery Test Chamber – Everything You Should Know

Not many people know what a battery test chamber is, but we’ll begin explaining the importance of using them with an example. Imagine you’re purchasing a product and paying a lot of money for it, just to see that it’s faulty and defective after a few weeks of use. Well, believe it or not, this sometimes happens with batteries, and there’s only one reason for it. They’re not being tested in a battery test chamber before shipping for sale.

A lot of batteries can start malfunctioning after being exposed to some external factors such as temperature, humidity, and vibrations, so they need to be completely proof of these things before actually seeing the light of the market. And how we know if a battery can resist all of these external factors? We put them in a test chamber.

Today we’re discussing everything that you need to know about the battery test chambers, so if you want to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, let’s dive into the content.

Why testing batteries is important

Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, batteries seem to be highly requested on the market nowadays, especially with electric vehicles coming out very frequently each year. And while we’re at it, electric vehicles are something that serves as a great example of all the external factors batteries need to be tested for. Inside a vehicle, the battery is greatly exposed to different temperatures, (due to the engine heating and cooling) vibrations and high levels of humidity, so if it is not tested in a chamber before putting it into a car, it might malfunction even on the first ride.

Professional companies that produce batteries are using high-quality battery testing chambers in order to simulate all the possible conditions that their product could go through when used by the person that’s going to buy it. This is something that ensures you will not disappoint someone who bought your product and maintain a good reputation on the market.

If you happen to be someone who owns a battery-making business, we definitely recommend you to buy a battery testing chamber and test your products before selling them. Feel free to visit this website if you want to learn more.

Every time a new battery comes out, or at least a prototype of it, it is immediately being tested in a chamber that simulates both hot and cold climates, vibration-based stress-testing, high level of humidity and solar radiation as well. All of these are factors that can make a battery malfunction, so if it does, the design and architecture need to be changed entirely in order to avoid future problems in the hand of a customer.

Although most companies will always let you do a refund if a battery dies within the first week or month of use, it is still important to not even go that far in the first place, simply because as we mentioned earlier, the reputation of your company will drop in the eyes of your customers due to not testing your products beforehand.