Hair Extensions vs Wigs

For women, hair is perhaps the most important thing on their body and throughout their lives they try to make it beautiful as possible. They invest in shampoos, treatments and everything available on the market to make it look as beautiful as possible. They paint in various colors, all with the goal of making it very attractive. Also, extensions are becoming more popular and they make the hair even lusher.

There are various methods of extension, and most women have tried at least one. On the other hand, wigs are usually associated with hair loss, which can be caused by a variety of causes, such as hormonal problems and other health-related problems.

However, it is becoming increasingly popular to use wigs even if you do not have problems with hair loss. It gives you a different look, which is easy to change. In order to know the exact difference between extensions and wigs, how which is used, how it affects the hair, what are the possibilities and so on, today we will make a comparison between these two methods.

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What is the difference?

Although you probably know the difference, we will explain it in more detail. Wigs are made of human or animal hair, although with the advancement of technology, they are increasingly made of artificial materials, which brings an equally attractive look, and they are cheaper. It is worn like a hat and is easy to put on and take off.

They have been used for thousands of years for various purposes. Due to problems with baldness, but it is also worn by people who are not bald. Women to look even more beautiful, and men usually because of a certain situation when it is customary to wear a wig, as judges and the like.

Extensions on the other hand must be attached to the hair in some way. There are various types that we will talk about later, but they always have to stick together. The most common methods are clipped, glued and sewn. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which are most often related to your needs, so we will compare for you what is the better choice depending on the situation.


Let us tell you right away that if you want to increase the length, both options are great. And increasing the length is certainly one of the most common reasons why girls inquire about these two methods at all. You can opt for an extension and extend it to exactly the desired length, without waiting for the years to grow. You can also buy a wig of the desired length and achieve the same effect. So in this case the choice is entirely up to you.


After length, the volume is also something that is very important. Maybe even more important than the length, because due to the volume, the hair looks healthy and lush. If the hair looks thin, then the length does not matter. Here, too, both options will do a good job, but we would rather choose an extension because here you can choose exactly how much you will increase the volume and it will be far more comfortable to wear than a wig. But certainly, whatever you decide on, it is up to you to decide how dense you want.

If you have thin hair

In this case, a wig is the best choice. Thin means it is also weak, and the extension will only put extra strain. The extra weight will damage your existing hair even more. Also, the transition will be visible, which will not look nice at all. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. There are methods, such as tape-in ​​that can be used in this case. Here the transition will not be so pronounced.

For short hair

Depends on how short it is. If it is very short, then it is simply impossible to make an extension because it makes no sense. It would have to be too long, which would not look nice, it would be very expensive and it would also be too much of a burden for your hair. If you do not have at least twenty centimeters, then go with a wig.

What looks more convincing?

Both seem very convincing. Wigs, whether natural or artificial, have reached an extremely high level of convincingness. As for the extension, if it is done in the right way, it will still look even better, because no one will be able to notice that it is not all your hair. The only thing that matters is that it is done by proven professionals, like GlamLocks. If you don’t trust any hairdresser nearby, then you better not do it. It won’t look nice, and it will damage your locks.


There are so many different methods of applying both options that it is difficult to judge that one is better than the other. It will mostly depend on your needs and other factors. The extension is applied using keratin, tape and many other methods. There are wigs that can be taken off and put on whenever you want, and there are also those that are sew-in and last longer. In a conversation with your hairdresser, you will decide which method suits you best.

Maintenance Maintenance

Know that whichever option you choose, you will have to work very hard on maintenance. Still, wigs are simpler. They don’t have to be washed as often and you will generally apply the same routine as before, but you will need to be careful not to damage it. While extensions require special attention while washing. You also have to be very careful while you sleep. Your hairdresser will give you instructions on how to maintain it, and you must follow that.


As you read in the text, both options bring with them many advantages, so the choice will ultimately be up to you. Also, don’t be stubborn. Listen to your hairdresser’s recommendations. He will know much better than you which one is a better and healthier option for your hair.