15 Best DIY Room Makeover Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to refresh your room with various DIY methods that are simple but very effective. Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, there are various methods to create a better ambient without the need to buy some expensive furniture and other equipment. The best part of DIY projects is that you can express your creativity and create space by your preferences.

However, you will have to create a plan for a proper room makeover and determine what you need to add, fix, or replace. If you need some additional furniture and other accessories visit vbestreviews where you can find the reviews for some of the best models of furniture, sofas, and many other accessories for your room.

DIY projects are the best for people who find it important to spend less money on decoration, and ones who love to put their effort into the makeover. The biggest advantage of this kind of project is that you can decorate the room to be unique and by your taste. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for DIY room makeover projects.

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Use Wallpaper


One of the most effective and simple ways to quickly change the ambient in your room is to use wallpapers. The market is full of various types of wallpapers, and they are easy for implementation. Also, you can check some online stores where you can find all sorts of colors, combinations, and quality wallpapers. Our advice is to choose the water-resistant ones with the ability to be equally easy for fixing and detaching from the wall.

Choose a Color Style

Choosing the right color patterns is very important for decoration, especially if you have a smaller room. Also, one of the best styles is a minimalistic one with fewer details. Try to combine colors of furniture, floor, walls, and other accessories.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

Another simple way to give your room a new look is to paint the walls to look fresh. Also, you can paint the ceiling in the same color as walls, or with a little lighter or darker note. Choose a color that will fit with other stuff in the room.

Rearrange and add Furniture


In some cases, just making the different layout of the furniture in the room can refresh it and give it a new look. Find the best way to fit all accessories and to save more space. Also, you can add some additional furniture like a chair or a drawer.

Replace Some Furniture

If you have old and low-quality furniture in your room, replacing it with new and stylish ones can be effective in giving your room a fresh touch. Choose pieces that will fit in the decor of the place. For example, if you like nature, buy wooden drawers and chairs, which will fit perfectly with a wooden floor and old-fashioned carpet.

Add a Carpet


If there is no carpet in your room, you should consider getting one, since adding a carpet can have a great impact on the whole space. However, choose some model that will suit the room decor. Finding a preferred model is easy since the market is full of all sorts of carpets.

Add Some Bookshelves

Adding a bookshelf or two on walls could completely change the room and provide it with more details. You can store your favorite books and many other accessories, presents, toys, pictures, and much other stuff. Placing a bookshelf on the wall is one of the most effective ways to redecorate a room easily.

Add a Plant


Besides, it is very healthy for you to keep some plants in the room since they are effective in cleaning the air and providing us with oxygen, it can also affect the style of the space. Choose the size and the type of the plant according to your room area and style. Many plants don’t require so much of attention, like Peace Lily, Cactus, Aloe, and many more.

Add a Few Extra Pillows

You can choose various pillows for bed and sofa in the living room. When it comes to the couch in the living room, you can choose several pillows in various colors that will refresh the space, and provide you with more comfort. There are all kinds of pillows with different sizes and colors.

Add Mirrors


With a few mirrors in different sizes, your small room will look bigger and lighter. Also, it is a great decoration to fill an empty wall by hanging a mirror on it. For example, buy one small mirror for the bedroom drawer, and a bigger one to hang on an empty wall.

Change the Lights

Changing the lighting or adding some light to your room can also significantly affect the ambient of the room. You can add a chandelier or some modern lightbulbs that can change colors. Also, add some lamp on the drawer that would be good for reading in bed. We advise you to choose LED lights since they are much more effective and energy-efficient.

Add a Painting

According to your style and decor in the room, choose some painting for the wall, that will fit properly. For example, if your modern furniture, add some modern style painting like realism, conceptual art, or some other style.

Add a Fabric to Furniture

Adding fabric to furniture is a simple and cheap way of bringing a whole new color in your room. Since they are very cheap, you can choose to buy various sets of fabric, and change the ambient for different occasions, or just to break the monotony from time to time.

Buy New Curtains


Even changing curtains for a new one and in slightly different colors can add a new light to your room. The best types of curtains are lighter ones, especially white and beige. Also, since this is a cheap material, you can choose several pieces to change from time to time.

Combine The Color Patterns


It is important to fit the colors properly for good design, but that does not mean that you should have everything in the same or similar color. Break the monotony with a variety of patterns on your walls, bed, and furniture.