Best Earphones Under 500rs In India

It can be hard searching value for money earphones. If you are in need of new earphones and you want them to be affordable and good quality, this is the article for you. Here are some of the best earphones under 500rs you can buy in India.

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This brand is well known for making amazing quality earphones and speakers. The JBL C50HI is quite new on the market in India and its’ price is Rs.499.

These earphones are very simple and practical, they do not consist of any metal or various textures which does not make them bad. They look very classy due to their simple design. These earphones come in three different colours: Black, Blue, and White.

JBL C50HI earphones are very comfortable to use and are one of the most comfortable ones on the budget. They include an inline microphone and multi functional button which makes talking on the phone while you’re busy much easier.

Their sound quality is decent for the price. This small device comes with an 8.6mm speaker driver, which is why the audio can be clear and loud. The bass sound on these earphones is deep and not too high, so there is a good balance. You should not choose the JBL C50HI if you enjoy and want to listen to heavy bass.

boAt BassHeads 220 & 225 with Mic

The boAt BassHeads 225 are also a great choice for earphones under 500 Rs.

These earphones are made of polished metal which is why they look more expensive and stylish. Their design is nice because they have a full metal body.

The boAt BassHeads 225 has a strong flat cable that does not tangle easily. Although they are made mostly of metal they are quite lightweight. These earphones are not the best for long periods. They also include a good quality microphone and single button remote, which allows you to manage music and calls.

The Boat Bassheads 225 have a very strong bass and amazing sound quality for the price. The treble is decent and the high-frequency sounds are clear and do not hurt your ears.

These earphones also have a good Noise Isolation. The audio and vocals/mids are good as well. If you love bass, these are the right ones for you.

Mi Earphones Basic with Mic (2018)

The new Mi earphones basic is another model that deserves to be on this list since it is one of the best at the price point at only Rs 399.

These earphones have a metal chamber which is why they look polished and premium. Their build quality is better than the average at this price piont.

The best thing about these Mi earphones is that they are very comfortable due to the fact they cover the intire ear canal. That allows you to have a great sound experience. As well as the previous models this one comes with a microphone and multifunctional single button remote. They include a 1.2m long cable that is rubber coated.

Their Bass effect, sound output, loud are balanced well and the quality is decent considering how much they cost. Mi earphones treble and vocal sounds are good as well.

If you want to own a comfortable, stylish pair of earphones these are a good option for you. They come in two colours, red and black.

Realme Buds with Mic

Realme as a brand is quite popular among the more affordable smartphone users in India and they recently released a new product on the market, which are their Realme Buds. They come in a black colour only.

Their design is very minimalistic but the company has put a lot of work in detailing. They have an unique shaped main module and a nice looking button that is placed on the in-line mic. They look premium and the build quality is nice for the price category.

The earphones include an in-line microphone that performes very well. There are 3 buttons that allow users to manage incoming calls and music. They come with a 1.2m long cable , with rubber coated surface and it does not tangle very easily.

Relme buds have a good sound quality, are loud and clear. The bass is not very strong but quite decent. The mids and highs on these earphones are also clear and clean, which means you can also listen some light music without any trouble.

These earphones cost around Rs.400 and are one of the best affordable products.

Flipkart SmartBuy Wired Metal Headset With Mic

The Flipkart SmartBuy is also a great option and one of the best on this list. Flipkart is a site that is very popular in India, so they are very well informed when it comes to the customer needs and wishes.

The Earphones look stylish and have a great build quality considering their price. They are very lightweight and comfortable. They have a specific design which includes anti-slip ear tips and great sweat-free silicon coating. They are perfect for exercising. The colour of them is black, sort of a Gun metal colour that is quite classy.

They come with a 1.2m long, Nylon Braided cable and a decent microphone.

Their sound quality is nice and there is a strong and loud audio output. They have an average bass, although the treble sound is not the best considering the fact that high volumes are quite shaky. They have a a microphone and multifunctional remote button and you can use them for various devices.

Philips SHE1505 with mic

The Philips SHE1505 has a very simple design and a decent build quality. The wire can tangle easily and is 1.2 m long. They include a Microphone and multifunctional single button remote. The only available colour of this model is black. The sound frequency is at the range from 20 Hz – 20000 Hz.

The sound quality is decent and standard for this price range. Bass and vocals are good as well. These earphones are nice for bikers.