How to use Geo-Targeting to win the SEO in google

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What is Geo-Targeting?

It is an SEO marketing technique that focuses on displaying your products, content, and advertisements related to your business to the people based on geographical locations.

It is one of the best ways to reach your targeted customers as this practice never lets your money invested in business gets wasted and hence targets only those people that can convert into customers and bring you profits.

For example- You are providing food delivery service and your geographical location is only limited to your city. So if you apply Geo-Targeting to display your advertisement, it will help you set filter location wise so that only the people residing in your city are able to view it and take the service you are providing instead of making it visible to the entire country or other state people resulting in irrelevant clicks.

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How you can you use Geo-Targeting for SEO

Geo Targeting works through Google Adwords where the advertisers and marketers are prompted with options of set location boundaries for the potential customers. They can select their respective country, state or city area as per their preference and exclude the locations as well for which they are not providing service.

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Once you have set the location boundaries, Google will use its Google Trend analytics to display you which area will give you the maximum potential customers and based on that you can finally publish your add with geo-targeting. You can also go for the local extensions as well that adds contact details to your advertisement showcasing your address and original location.

The following steps illustrate the necessary tips for a successful Geo Targeting in Google for SEO.

 Use the Location Targets

The first step for a successful Geo-targeting is to be location specific in terms of the keyword, phrases, and country codes as well. For example- You run a website on PHP development and you are residing in India. In that case, if you use Country TLD with Google, it will use the domain of India.

So whenever any user accesses Google from UK with PHP services or PHP development, your website have chances of displaying in top searched results to give you more web traffic.

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On the flip side if the same thing is googled by any user residing outside India your website will not be featured even in the first 40 results because preference will be given to that country’s domain websites. So country TLD is highly beneficial in determining your website rank and boosting your site’s SEO.

For the keywords or phrases, make sure you clearly state the purpose of your business with the targeted words so that it is easily displayed on the searched results.

 Host website in your targeted area

It is very important that your IP server establishes a relationship with Google search engine to give a better rank to your website. For example- if you are staying in UK, but your targeted country is the US, and you are using an UK proxy server for the same it won’t yield you much benefit. But if you are targeting the British audience and have your IP server hosted in UK itself it will definitely boost the SEO ranking of your advertisement or website and reach the targeted customers quickly.

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 Make the best use of the Location Landing page

One of the efficient Geo-targeting tools is to create a landing page for your website or advertisement customized to the user location. You can give this in the form of ads or banners that will take the users directly to the landing page of their locality featuring your services and products. This way it attracts the targeted audiences more to get interested in your business.

Go for local search

Google provides you the opportunity to list your business and the services details with contact, email everything on Google Business page. So grab that opportunity and fill in the details.

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Once done, Google matches all your entered details authenticity and after verification features your website in the Local search results which are displayed in the top position in SERP page. So whenever a user from your locality searches the same service you provide, they get to see your business immediately.


The above-mentioned 4 points are the major techniques that play the key role in boost your business SEO in Google through Geo-Targeting.