Best RCA Tablets – How To Choose The Right Tablet For You?

Technology has made a lot of progress over the past twenty years, and this is perhaps the most significant in the last decade. We got so many new gadgets that make our daily work easier and allow us to have a lot of fun. One of these devices is certainly a tablet that has many useful features.

However, due to the mass production of all electronic devices, today we have literally more than a dozen brands in the market, which can confuse the user who would like to buy the product. In our case, in such a bunch of tablets, it is very difficult to decide which device fits into the budget, and also on the other hand responds to the needs of the users who will use it.

In order to save your time and keep you from browsing Internet for few hours in the hope of finding the right tablet for you, we decided to present you in the following text a brand that is certainly worth your attention, and it is really affordable. It’s about RCA tablets. RCA is a brand that is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the United States and has a long tradition of more than three decades. Therefore, we believe that with our help you will be able to find a device that matches perfectly all your requirements. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

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Currently best RCA tablets on the market

10 Viking Pro

We believe that the Viking series of tablets is the best of what RCA currently has to offer its users. It’s about very interesting devices that have a 10.1-inch screen that will let you work smoothly. In addition, you can transform this tablet into a small laptop by adding a keyboard. We almost forgot to say that it is powered by the Android Lollipop operating system.

Some of the features you will be interested in are the 1.8-GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, the storage of 32GB (which you can expand with a microSD card up to 128GB) and a 2-megapixel camera. In addition, the battery will provide you up to six hours without charging.

Galileo Pro

Galileo Pro is another tablet that runs Android operating system. In this case, it’s about Android Marshmallow. Compared to the previous model, it has a larger display of 11.5 inches. Also, you can attach a keyboard (which comes in a box with the device) if you need it or detach it if you do not want to use Galileo Pro as a laptop.

As for technical specifications, this device has a 1.3-GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space. Also, the Galileo Pro has a camera, HDMI port, Bluetooth, as well as a WPS Office installed, which will allow you to work similar as on the computer. Another similarity to the previous model is a battery that also provides six hours of operation without charging.

Viking Pro

Like the previous two devices (Androids), Viking Pro is based on the Android 6.0 platform. Another similarity is the keyboard you can connect or disconnect as needed, as well as 32GB of storage capacity and Bluetooth connectivity. It is powered by a 1.3-GHz quad-core processor, while you can monitor all the processes on a 11.6-inch HD display.

Voyager Pro

Voyager Pro is a tablet with the installed Android Marshmallow operating system. Unlike all models so far, it has the largest 12.2-inch HD display that will let you enjoy watching video content with ease. As for storage, the situation is the same as with other devices, therefore it is 32GB.


The first tablet on our list that is not powered by an Android version of the operating system is Cambio. This gadget comes with Windows 10 and has Intel Atom Z8350 processor inside and of course 32GB of storage space. You will feel comfortable while working on this tablet because operating system and all of its features are familiar to you from the computer. This means that you will be able to run all processes like on your PC or laptop. In addition, you will be able to take pictures with the camera. Also, with just one charge, Cambio will provide up to six hours of work.


DMT580DU is a very interesting device by RCA. It is powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and has a 1-GHz processor as well as 8 GB of RAM. Other features include several ports (also HDMI), camera and GPS. However, we were particularly interested in the built-in antenna and the function of watching TV. This means that buying this tablet will give you a great multifunctional device that is also portable. As for battery, if you watch TV, it will last up to four hours, but if you browse the Internet and use some other applications, the battery will be able to provide as much as 10 hours of work, which is great.

Voyager Quad Core

As with other devices on our list, the Voyager Quad Core is one of many affordable devices that do not cost a lot, and you will get a lot with purchase. The 1.3-GHz quad-core processor that is built inside, runs Android Marshmallow and offers comfortable work on the 7-inch screen tablet. As for other functions, it has Bluetooth connectivity as well as 16GB of storage space that can be expanded up to 128GB using a microSD card.

The features of your future tablet that you need to keep in mind

Although we’ve presented these devices to RCA, you may still find it hard to decide which tablet is right for you. First of all, it is most important to determine the purpose of the tablet, or to determine what you will use for it. When you do, you must pay attention to some of the important characteristics that each of these gadgets possess. Continue reading to find out what to keep an eye out while shopping.

Operating system

When purchasing your desktop or laptop, you need to choose which system you want to be installed in order to use your device later on. A similar situation is with tablets. As you can read in the previous section, almost all of the devices we’ve presented to you are powered by some Android version. Only Cambio has Windows 10 installed. So, you have to determine the purpose of the tablet and, accordingly, to select the operating system. We need to emphasize that the Windows-based tablets are a bit slower than the Android ones, but with Microsoft’s operating system, you will get a machine similar to your computer and you will be able to perform some operations that you might not be available on Android.

Screen size

Another key thing to keep in mind is the size of the screen. Also, on our list, you could notice that the diagonal of the screen is usually over 10 inches, but there are also smaller ones. First of all, we decided to introduce tablets with this screen size because we believe that is more comfortable to work on a larger display. For example, when watching a movie or reading a text, it’s better to have a bigger screen, so it’s a tip for you to focus on tablets with a screen size of 10 inches and more.


It’s likely that you will sometimes want to add some accessories or other devices such as memory cards. So, before buying, carefully check that tablet has all the ports you need (HDMI port and card slots, for example), in addition to the standard ones for charging and headphones.

Wi-Fi or Cellular Service

As there are tablets with different operating systems, there are also those that allow you to insert a SIM card and enable cellular service or you may use Wi-Fi to have Internet access. Since Wi-Fi networks are available almost everywhere today, cellular service may not be necessary, but you still have to decide whether you need this feature, and of course, check before purchasing whether the tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Battery life

The last feature, but not least, is certainly battery life. You have to ask yourself again how long you will use your new tablet on a daily basis and what you will do with it. If you plan to frequently use the Internet and watch video content, then we advise you to buy a tablet that will provide you with as many hours as possible without charging.

Other things that you need to consider before purchasing are upgrades, design, and app access. So, with upgrades, we mean updating your operating system. Therefore, we suggest you buy tablet that have the ability to do so. In addition, it’s best to go to a store where you buy it and to see and touch the product. In the one word, to feel it in order to find out if the shape, size and weight of the tablet are right for you. Also, note that along with the operating system, an app store has been installed, so you can download all the applications you want. If you choose to buy Android, this won’t be a problem.


Of course, it is certainly important for you to fit the price of the device. Some factors that affect tablet price are size, memory, and battery. So, the size refers to the size of the screen, which means that tablets with 10-inches display are more expensive than those with less inches. But sometimes it’s worth paying more because you can also get more.

As for memory, the situation is similar to when you are buying a computer. A PC that has HDD or SSD with more GB, also has a higher price. Here you can focus on an average amount of memory that will be enough for your normal work.

For the battery, we explained in the text earlier what are benefits if it can provide more hours of operation without charging. So, determine how much you plan to use the tablet on a daily basis and decide accordingly.
Now that you know what are the things you need to focus on when buying and which tablets RCA has been offering to users, we believe that you will not have the trouble to make the right decision. So, happy shopping!