Best Roofing Materials for Cold Climates

Replacing the roofing of your house may be one of the most expensive redecoration projects you can take on. The same applies even when building a new house. You have to go through extensive research to make sure you buy the right roofing materials, especially if you live in a colder climate.

Keep in mind that this investment will last you for the next ten, fifteen, or even twenty years. If you decide to cheap out on this project, you face problems a lot sooner. This is why it is so important to pick the right materials.

Assuming that you do not have any kind of previous experience in this matter, you probably have no idea what kind of materials you should buy. You need something that will protect you from heavy rain, a lot of snow, and below zero temperatures. But, I do not think there is a need to be worried because you can easily find a lot of information on the Internet regarding this.

You also do not need to look further since this article will tell you everything you need to know about roofing materials that are best for colder climates.

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Solar panel roofing does not seem like the most appealing option for most people, especially those that live in places with long and cold winters. If the panels are constantly under the snow, blocking sunlight, what is the point? Well, things are not exactly that simple. There is a lot more science backing up the logic of having solar roof than what most people think.

You have to consider the fact that there is still enough sunlight even throughout the snowiest winters to cut the costs of your electricity bills or other benefits such as free hot water. Although, that depends on the setup of your solar. They can be installed to store energy, to heat the water in your boiler or both.

Another benefit for those that live in colder areas is the fact that it can protect your house from the cold of the snow or ice. Keep in mind, this only applies to panels that are not directly placed on your roof. The panels may also trap the heat exiting from your home, reducing the overall need for heating during the winter.

It is also important to consider that these benefits will vary depending on your location. And a quick reminder that might be the most expensive option of the bunch. Whether this will be worth it, it is up for you to decide.


Slate roofs have been around for many centuries. They were and still are quite a popular and reliable option. Some of these slate options have lasted for hundreds of years and still provide the same level of protection against rain and wind. My main concern with this method is the fact that I do not find it very aesthetically pleasing. For some, this might not be important at all, but I personally cannot justify the looks.

Another disadvantage of this method of roofing installation is the fact that it is quite a bit expensive and it is very heavy too. So, even if you do not mind increasing your budget, you might not be able to install slates without proper structural integrity to support that additional weight.


I think many people would agree that this may be the best option out of the bunch. Fiberglass shingles have proven to be affordable and quite durable too. These shingles can easily handle heavy storms with a lot of rain, snow and even hail. It can protect against the strongest winds. If you do decide to choose fiberglass asphalt shingles, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Even from a business perspective, asphalt shingles are a great option. They might be the cheaper option for your clients, but I am sure your business will still be making a lot of money out of it. It is important to target the materials that your clients will prefer, as suggested by

Unfortunately, from a customer’s perspective, there is one major advantage and that is its lifespan. It is not as nearly as long-lasting such as materials used for slates. Over time, certain shingles will need to be replaced. Although, that could be seen as a benefit. The ability to replace the roof shingle by shingle instead of the entire roofing.


Fiberglass shingles, slate roofing, and solar panels are all great options that provide great protection combined with aesthetics. Some can look good and others not so much, but every single one of them is a much aesthetically better option than metal roofing. This is the solution for the people that simply do not care about the style of the roofing.

For those that just want to end this project as soon as possible, for the least amount of money, metal is the best alternative. It is very resistant against ice, snow, rain, and wind. You will not see any kind of dripping if you have metal protecting you over your head. It is also lightweight, so you will not have to worry about additional structural support, making it an ideal choice for a lot of people.

However, the biggest disadvantage has to be the fact that the metal will be too loud when it is raining. Every time you go to bed, you will be able to hear every single raindrop splashing on the metal. This can be quite annoying, especially for people that are sound sensitive. But, if this is not something that might bother you, then you are looking at a great solution for your home.

There is one more minor disadvantage that might be a problem for some. It can dent during very heavy rain or during hail.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to roofing. Whichever of these you decide to use for your home or provide as a business, it all depends on your taste in style and your importance in protection against extreme weather.

By contacting an expert, you’ll be able to get the advice you need to make the right decision. According to the Mighty Dog Roofing, they use a variety of materials to meet the needs of homeowners, and the insulation properties in that roofing material are what really makes a difference.