BlueHost vs HostGator – What you Need to Know

The decision on how to improve and ensure constant growth and success in our online ideas and business requires our constant focus. One idea leads us to trust the services of web hosts that have proven to be not as reliable as we thought in the first place. The second idea is to test competitors hosting services hoping to receive the service we paid for, or get the quality we need more than anything. All of that has blurred out judgment and because of it, we tend to make hasty decisions which work against us. Searching for options which will help you and put your worries behind, we have found a possible solution that is worth sharing with the world. Therefore we are going to compare HostGator and BlueHost hosting services and see what they are all about.

As we spoke above, this was quite confusing considering they are the property of the same parent company Endurance International Group. Automatically assuming they should be equal in their offer of services or similar, we have found a few ways to make a distinctive difference between the two hosting services. Doing so we have tested the benefits they provide in Performance and Reliability, Uptime, Response Time, Speed Test, Customer Support, User Interface, and Features and Pricing. The obtained parameters we got through these test should be used as a suggestion when choosing a suitable hosting service. Compare BlueHost vs HostGator, and you will come to the same conclusion that we came to, that each deserves a chance in practice. And this is all backed up by facts.

When it comes to web hosting, BlueHost and HostGator are the two services which are often recommended because of their performance in the past. Both, BlueHost and HostGator provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee for hosting purposes. Note that the Dual Xeon servers at Dallas are hosts for HostGator sites, with ten backbone providers and well-equipped data center. CPU Segregation technology is the tool of by Bluehost to control CPU and protect your site from bad users as another benefit.

We already spoke of the fact that BlueHost and HostGator both guarantee 99.9% uptime which is essential for the experience of visits with website downtime. During the testing period of seven days the BlueHost had eleven outages of total 51 minutes, and on the other side, HostGator had just one outage of 1 minute.

Speaking of the comparison of the tested results in response time between the two hosts service,  BlueHost had the time of 5429ms (5.4 seconds) to load. In the meantime, sites hosted on HostGator manage the time of 1288ms (1.2 seconds) to load. The speed is also important when choosing a web host. The result was yet again in favor of HostGator which loads around 50% faster than BlueHost when tested with the same design, mage attachments, pages, and blog posts.

Customer support is mandatory to a successful web Hosting Company. Bluehost and HostGator are equally efficient in this part with their Customer support working non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year. Whenever you have an issue with your website contact them, and you will understand the real value of a perfect web hosting company with efficient customer support.