Great Tips To Boost Your Gaming Skills

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Good posture affects in-game performance. For best performance, you should sit with your knees at 90 angles while your back is straight, ideally at 90. It’s not a comfortable position, so you should occasionally give your muscles a break. Your eyes should be level with the top third of the screen, and keep your neck straight. While sitting up straight and lining your neck, you’re telling your brain that you mean business. It is like a power stance for gamers, so you get the correct posture.

Change In-Game Settings

Since the main goal is performance rather than experience, tweaking some settings will be a noticeable difference. While in the FPS shooter, adjust your settings for higher contrast with soft colors. Set everything as good as possible. Game graphics will look worse, but it’ll be easier to play. Try tweaking your sensitivity. Take the time to alter the settings and find a perfect setup. Also, no music is allowed while playing a game. You are not concentrating on the game, so adding your soundtrack is even more distracting. Instead, turn off the music and increase the SFX volume. In such a way, you will improve your focus and reactions.


Get Better by Watching Pro Players

It’s often hard to admit that you are struggling at a game, complete the campaign on hard mode, decide you are pretty good, then go online and get smashed. If you check professional gameplay, you will notice that you might be a better player. Watching pro players in action will be helpful, even if you can not understand their moves. There are many options as sports events or live streams, so you should watch some of these. You can steal simple tricks that professional players use, and it does not have to be impossible high-end combos or no-scope headshots. Just learning the map and which power-ups to grab will make the difference. An important part is to play with a stronger opponent.

Try Using a Boosting/Coaching Service

What is a boosting service? Simply put, it’s a process of leveling your character or advancing your hero by participating in unavailable content with the current player’s skill set. The process covers leveling through end-game content, PVP, fated raids, and other aspects. You can get it through a boosting service called Wowhunt. Back in the day, such services were popular, and such services used your account. But they provide you with the unique ability to boost your skill with the helping hand of professionals – the great, friendly team that will instruct you in every game aspect, you can just ask. So basically, the real player will accompany you for the whole run, giving you pro tips and advice that might help you in WoW. The player carries to effectively play the game himself but with the best player community.



Gaming is not as physically demanding as outdoor sports, but it does play certain strains on the body. Often we are sitting in the same position for extended periods in a situation that we find very stressful. That is why you should make your body prepared for gaming. Before you begin a ranked match, stop, stretch and loosen yourself up. Make sure to exercise after finishing a game as well. It affects your muscles and will improve your physical interaction. That should prevent your hands from getting tired. Try to squeeze a tennis ball ten times per day. And something simple as thumb opposition, clenching your fingers, will impact the most valuable digit in a player’s arsenal.

The More Time You Spend – the Better Player You Will Become

It is not enough to play as you have always done. Pay attention to specific gaps while casting abilities. If you are learning a fighting game, perform every move ten times in a row and if you fluff it up – start again. While playing an MMORPG, try practicing casting spells. Perform this on in-game dummies/bots. Practice your skill cast combinations without watching the keyboard. Memorizing the key bindings is a perfect solution in any game.


Equipment of Gaming Space

If you’ve been interested in gaming before, you probably know that professional gamers’ advice is to forget about wireless mice and keyboards. According to them, they have more response time than wired ones. A normal person will think this is a trifle, but for professional gamers, these are very important. In addition, the pros do not recommend using a mouse with a bunch of buttons, they look impressive of course, but they’re not that useful. They only distract you. The ideal gaming mouse has two buttons and a wheel, that’s it, you don’t need anything else. As for the keyboard, the requirements here are not so strict. Most pro gamers prefer mechanical keyboards. There are also fans of membrane models, so first trust your feeling and use the keyboard that seems most comfortable for you. Make sure that the wires from your mouse and keyboard don’t cling to anything. Otherwise, the mouse can fail at the most crucial moments. To make the wire move freely, gamers use a special holder.

The next is the mouse pad. During the game, the hand movement should be sharp and fast. Uneven or surfaces not smooth enough under the mouse can create critical problems for important moments of the game. That’s why professional gamers prefer to use special mouse pads. As a rule, they have an even uniform surface and a rubber base which prevents slipping. You can notice that most pro players use huge pads, covering almost half the table. Such dimensions are chosen for a reason, firstly the keyboard on such a rug is convenient to move even with one hand. For some gamers this is critical. Secondly, the most unpleasant thing that can happen to a gamer during the game is insufficient space for the mouse. You need to turn around sharply, and besides, the mouse moves faster on a good pad, and the sensor is more sensitive to the position of your hand.