4 Tips for Building Your Own Bar in Your Basement – 2024 Guide

There are many ways a basement can be used. If you think about it thoroughly and make the hard choice, there’s only one correct solution – make a bar out of it. This is a natural transformation if you ask us. If you ask your neighbors, the weekend drinkers, we’re sure they’ll also agree. There are no counterpoints, and if there are, we dare you to find them. If you have this goal on your mind, we’re glad for you, but don’t think it’s only about a counter and bar stools.

The basement bar is so much more. It would be best to have good ideas and a plan on how to execute this idea properly. Today is your lucky day, as we are here to give you x tips for building your own bar in your basement. Let’s start this endeavor.

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1. Bar Molding

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No ordinary countertop will do the trick here. You’ll need bar molding to make it a bar top. Once this process is completed, your guests will have a place for their hands, but also unnecessary leaks and spills are going to be prevented. Bar molding shouldn’t be too hard to find, as you can find it all over the web. Amazon has an offering dedicated solely to it. The best part is, it isn’t all that expensive. You can buy as many as 8 feet for less than $100.

Positioning it on the bar also isn’t as hard; all you need to do is to have a hammer, nails, and some sanding. It usually comes on measurements that you asked for, so fitting it on the top shouldn’t pose any issue. You also might need some pain in case it doesn’t bode well with the rest of the furniture so you could paint it. If you’re already thinking about what else you might add, here are some ideas to see if you check this website. Once this is settled, it’s time to move onto the next tip.

2. Refrigeration

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We know, you probably thought of this by yourself. But, we also believe that your idea might be lacking the essence. No, you can’t use some old washed up fridge or a mini version regardless of its quality and condition. The basement bar needs to be powered by a right cold machine. If you still don’t have an idea what we are talking about, then it’s time for us to tell you – the kegerator.

This is the option you need to seek. Cold beers and wines can be at your hand reach at all times. You could position it under the counter where anything that needs to be colder can find its home. If you opt for the bigger version, it could cost you some serious money, but this is a worthy investment. You indeed don’t deem the number of $500 too much for an endless supply of cold beverages.

3. Lighting

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The basement bar needs its charm, and the best way to get it is to set the right tone with a good set of lights. All kinds can do it, and you won’t go wrong even with fluorescent ones. Most bars you visited are probably dark and shady, but yours in the basement doesn’t need to be like that. What you want to seek out is the right mood for both yourself and your guests. It’s all about enjoyment, and you need to set the tone for your drinking habits. What you want to do is to differentiate it from other rooms in the house where you occasionally had a few drinks.

If you want to make, your bar lighted well, search for LED lights that are most reliable and not so much pricey. They also can be bought in various colors, which can be precisely what you’re looking for. LED-stripes are also something that should easily find a way to your basement. They are flexible and have an adhesive part on the back, which means they can fit every corner or spot in your basement. The place where most people go with them is below the bar cabinet. Another positive side to LED lights is that they’re efficient, which is a good thing if you plan on spending much of your time in your basement.

4. Back Bar

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Do it yourself basement bar shouldn’t be completed without a back bar. You’ll want to have open shelves on the spot. This is the best way you can display all of your liquor to your guests. If you are a fan of good wines, this is how you’ll make an impression on your guests who share your enthusiasm. But, if your drinking buddies are only interested in beer and watching football, you have other options. One of the best is to search for small details that could bring a massive change to the atmosphere of your basement bar. The get-go is always a mirror, which, if large enough, should be positioned behind the bar in full length. Another great addition to every bar could be a map, that will give it that good-feel atmosphere. The best move would be if you could put all of the three things we mentioned together. If you did this, it would be hard to tell your basement from a real bar.

The options do not end there as you have many other construction options on how to spice up your bar. Today, you have three-dimensional panels available, which can be interchanged with various tiles. You can look at local decor stores to see what they have available. It all comes down to what you like and what your style prefers. We can only say the color panels come in abundance, so you can’t be left without the one you want.

As you can see, it doesn’t take too much to complete your basement bar. You need to know what you want and where to look for. It will all settle well in the end.