8 Amazing Tips for Buying Fire Poker You Should Never Ignore

When going to a camp, you must prepare by carrying the necessary equipment to make your stay comfortable. Similarly, it would help if you bring a fire poker, a log grabber, not forgetting a lighter. The purpose of the poker is to help you adjust the logs to keep the fire burning for the longest time possible. Then, when the fire is burning evenly, you can simultaneously keep yourself safe and warm. The best part is that you can use a fire poker which can be found on this site for indoor and outdoor fires without worrying about scalds and burns.

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 Check the Length

The length of poker is a fact you should never ignore. Most sticks are between 15 and 20 inches, so the poker you pick needs an average height. But there are extra-long ones between 30 and 40 inches; depending on the size of your fire, you can choose what fits you best. However, if you are likely to use big fires or outdoor campfires, you are better off with extra-long poker. The stick you need gives you comfortable space to avoid burns and scalds.

Consider Functions

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The place you will use the poker will determine the type you buy. For example, rods made for outdoor functions consider a rust-pro material to prevent the poker from rusting due to exposure to much moisture in the open. The Function will also guide you in choosing the poker length since outdoor fire requires long ones to direct the fire from a safe distance. Remember, you will need fireplace inserts, so ensure that your poker is the right size to add the inserts as you warm yourself.

The Handle

The poker handle is crucial since you will hold it when arranging the wood. Besides, it would be best if the handle is made from a different material since it has to be a poor conductor of heat to prevent the stick from conducting heat. Similarly, handles are for safety, so if possible, you need to use a double lace handle to protect your hands in case the fire is extra hot. As you check the handle, do not forget the hook, as it helps in guiding how the poker will touch the fire. You can choose a pin depending on where you love to have your fire. For example, if you love the outdoor, you need to go with the hooks that can pick logs.

Material Matters1

Fire pokers are available in different versions, but it is best if you go for those made of non-flammable material. Besides, you can choose a material depending on the design you love. For instance, some techniques work well with cast iron or wrought iron. However, the material will also determine the length of your campfire poker, since materials like wrought iron cannot make an extra-long stick due to its heavy weight. In addition, rods made of stainless steel are lightweight but not as durable as those made of powder-coated steel.

Check the Number of Pieces

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Pokers come in different pieces; some packages come with a single, so you can perform only one duty with it, while some come in multiple pieces. For example, you can find a package with pieces you can use for indoor and outdoor fires, while some packages have a single piece for a specific piece. So, depending on your need, it is best to confirm with the store the type of poker before making your order. Similarly, different brands come with different varieties, so it is best to research the type of poker your preferred brand has before buying. Remember, qualities of pokers depend on the model and price; before buying, you need to compare the price of a single park against multiple packs of various brands before settling on one which gives you the best deal in terms of price.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Hook Type

The type of hook varies in poker sticks. Besides, the hook determines how the poker will touch the fire. There are multiple hook types like prong styles, round hooks, fishhook models or even rake models. Depending on your fire, it will help if you choose a hook that suits you. for instance, an outdoor fire will require you to pick logs, so a rake or fishhook would suit you more. However, when choosing the hook type, consider comfort level; go for poker that you can use while sitting or standing comfortably without straining your back and hand.

Price Matters

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The prices of fireplace pokers differ according to quality. Depending on the money you are willing to spend, it will be best to research the brands that fall within your budget, then go for the one that gives you the best value for money. The poker you buy also depends on what you’re planning to use it for and the frequency of use. Remember, if you are a regular poker user, you will need the material to be extra strong. Besides, having a high-quality poker improves the look of your fireplace, thus improving the value of your property. For instance, if you are selling the place and everything is valued, the poker plus the fireplace will increase the value of the premise.

Buy from A Reliable Dealer

There are many stores selling pokers both online and offline. Before buying a fire poker, it will help if you do due diligence about the store. Similarly, you can visit the store website to confirm if it is licensed to sell the products. Moreover, the customer review section will help you understand previous customers’ experiences with the store. You can also ask the customer care agent at the store questions that will help you ascertain if they are legit. Finally, if you are planning to buy from a physical store, you can look for referrals who will assure you of the quality of the products before buying.


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There are many brands of campfire poker hence the need to do due diligence before buying. You can window shop online to find out about the available options plus their prices before deciding to buy one from this site. Similarly, it would be best to buy pokers made of materials that are easy to maintain. Some materials will require oiling to prevent rusting, while some will come coated with rust-proof materials hence no need for oil. Besides, the poker you buy needs maintenance details on the package to give you an easy time.