Crypto Trading Tips: 7 Things Beginner Investors Get Wrong

According to a report by Statista, many consumers are turning out to be cryptocurrency owners in major places like South America, Asia, and Africa, amongst other developed and developing nations across the world. Regarding Britain specifically, the market capitalization in April 2024 stood at USD 747.34 billion. These stats are related to Bitcoin.

All these facts and figures show that cryptocurrency is one of the most successful trends and all traders and investors are in the mindset to jump into this pool.

You can be on the lookout for opportunities, but before that, you can consider getting through some platforms like for a secured and beneficial trading experience.

Cryptocurrency trading is a new concept, and many investors will find it hard. But that’s not the case. In reality, you need to learn the basics and be clear with them to avoid the following potential mistakes.

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1. Quick Actions


The cryptocurrency headlines are going to woo all investors. The rising rates of the different cryptos look tempting for an amazing sale. Also, if the prices go down beyond the normal range of trading, it feels like the right time to buy as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

Your first mistake is to think that low prices are the best way of bargaining. It would help if you understood that the low prices are because of many factors, and it may not be the right time to put your money in different digital currencies and assets. You should check the cryptos related to the falling user rates. Crypto insecurity is real, and you need to begin reading between the lines for better trading.

2. No Past Study


Another obvious thing that most beginner investors tend to overlook is not conducting a past study of the nature and pattern of cryptocurrencies. There can be times when these virtual assets undergo an alarming demand, and also, there can be times when they hit rock bottom. It is not something that happens all of a sudden. There are a series of trends and global circumstances that result in it.

Do you remember when a tweet by Elon Musk on Twitter about the Shiba Inu dog was a major blow to the coin and helped it enjoy a huge investment nearing 300%? That’s how volatile these currencies are; hence, it is important to know their working, fluctuations, and the ways that will guide you to make the best investment.

3. Polling All Your Money In A Single Go

Its quite an evident fact that seeing a lower rate for cryptocurrency will push you to put all that you have in the name of investments. Chances are that you might feel like giving up on the rest of the stock you own and solely dealing in cryptocurrency only. However, the reality is that is you plan to do so, and you will be committing the biggest blunder that will impact your investment portfolio.

The gig is that you should only put a certain portion of your capital, for example, 5-7%, for crypto investments. You should always keep an emergency cash fund available for unforeseen circumstances. Also, it will be better if you have funds in your savings account. You should ensure that you have easy access to the account and use it for risk coverage and loss prevention.

4. Co-Relating It With Other Kinds Of Investments


A rational investor always welcomes investing suggestions. A common suggestion that any investor will surely come across is to put the money in a series of shares and commodities. Stocks, gold and silver coins, and ornaments are the best examples. These things have an easy buy and sell, and you need not follow hard and fast rules for trading these items.

Beginner investors in cryptocurrency can think that crypto trading and trading in other commodities are the same. However, there is a vast difference between both of them. If anyone is convincing you to invest in crypto and pushing you to understand it in the same way as other stocks, shares, and debentures, there are high chances that they are trying to trick you. So, be aware of such frauds!

5. Not Paying Attention To The Keyphrases


Another wrong that can trick you and lead to a bad experience as a novice is that you keep forgetting the keyphrase. You should pay attention to it if you have invested in a hardware wallet that is used for storing cryptos in offline mode. If you don’t pay attention to it, you won’t have any access to it. You can relate it to losing the keys or forgetting the pin to access your bank account.

No one is in the position to make the cryptos irretrievable; hence, you should be aware of the keyphrases at all costs.

6. Not Considering Scam Patterns

Sometimes, beginner investors tend to come across amazing deals that only help them look at the positives and benefits. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining; hence, you should be aware of certain pointers that will help you draw the difference between a real offer and a scam.

Some of the common scams that target beginner investors are as follows:

  • Fraudsters use cloud scams in the form of emails and promotional texts to new investors.
  • Pre-mining to manipulate the rates for personal benefits.
  • Malicious software and use of fake coins.

7. Lack Of Crypto Lingo Knowledge


Excessive jargon can result in difficult deciphering. As a beginner investor, you should be well-versed with the crypto lingo. There are some terms you should know before taking your initial steps in cryptocurrency dealings. They are as follows:

  • Altcoins
  • Cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges
  • Limitations
  • Market caps and capitalization
  • Shorting and price volatility
  • Currency forks
  • Fiat and ICO
  • Margin trading concepts
  • Mining and selling orders
  • Different kinds of markets


Cater to these seven pointers and see yourself flourish in the crypto market irrespective of your beginner status in the times to come!