How to Know if Your Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is Legit

Digital currencies are no longer a taboo subject. Every growth or price reduction is a viral subject in all parts of the globe. More and more individuals decide to invest in digital currencies as they seem like the best possible solution for the improvement of financial stability. Apart from that, they are also some sort of security that people usually can’t find with traditional currencies as they often go up and down and directly depend on banks, situations in the world, etc.

But, becoming a good crypto trader is not an easy thing. Someone may tell you that a particular digital currency will grow, but do you have enough knowledge and skills to say “I am quite sure that person is right”?

The main thing you need to worry about is your knowledge. But, there are also different ways to improve your chances of making a profit. One of the options that you have is certainly a crypto trading platform. If you read somewhere the phrase “cryptocurrency bot”, be sure these things are identical.

You may not find a lot of positive comments on this type of assistance. Indeed, there are certain platforms that truly do not have any capacity to improve your chances of making a profit. But, that doesn’t mean all of them are bad!

There are multiple ways to recognize a legit cryptocurrency trading platform. We would like to highlight some of the main characteristics and features that each platform you find online should have. That way, you will certainly make your research a lot easier and ensure that you are making the right choice. Let’s go!

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For Starters – Read Reviews


The opinion of other people matters a lot, especially if they had the same goal as you. Google allows people to comment on different things on the Internet, express their opinion, and rate them. Apart from that, you can also check professional analyses of each platform and check what experts in the crypto world have to say about a particular platform. Their opinion matters as well! You may grab certain pieces of advice there and become aware of the things that matter when choosing the best crypto trading platform.

The Trading Strategy Design is Automated and Lasts 24 Hours a Day

If you still want to figure out which trading platform is legit, then there is another thing you need to have in mind. As you probably know, the trading bots need to be there for you 24 hours a day. During that period, they need to develop a strategy that automatically updates whenever certain changes appear on the crypto market.

These designs come in different forms. For example, every user of a certain platform should have the opportunity to automate short and long trading positions. Having these positions certainly boosts your chances of making a profit.

Support and Partnership

During your research, it is mandatory to know more about the trading platform where you plan to subscribe. One of the crucial facts about any bot is the partnerships platform itself managed to establish with some other organizations. Logically, the most reputable ones will collaborate only with the industry leaders that have a strong reputation within the crypto space. That especially counts when we talk about crypto exchanges such as Binance, Liquid, OKEX, and others.

This piece of information is usually highlighted somewhere on the website (mostly in the footer of the site). Because of that, we strongly recommend you check that out as it confirms the legacy of the trading bot!

They Contain Portfolio Analytics


The most reputable and legit platforms will always come with portfolio analytics features. Most of you probably do not understand what this feature is all about or why exactly is important. So, let us explain!

When the crypto trading platform has this option, you will manage to monitor and track all the crypto assets that possess. Apart from that, the piece of information about profit, asset allocations, and historical performances will help you develop an even better strategy. More precisely, you will get insights into mistakes you made in the past and probably answers on how to fix them. These lessons serve as an amazing educational tool that allows every user to boost his knowledge, skills, and experience.

High Quality of Security

This feature actually has a longer name than just “security”. Every crypto trading platform should have so-called enterprise-grade digital protection. When you register or subscribe to a particular trading bot, you will have to share some confidential data. But, would you do that if you are not sure if the pieces of information you share are not protected? Well, we suppose that your answer is NO, and that is a good choice completely!

There has to be some sort of encryption system as well as additional layers of protection that will keep all financial and personal data fully secure. Apart from that, the transaction of the money that you make also needs to be extra safe. If the confirmations of money transfers are up-to-date, then you can be sure everything is legit!

Ability to Trail Stop Losses

Last but not least feature that confirms the legacy of any trending bot is trailing stop loss configuration. Basically, this characteristic shows the stops that follow you during your investment journey. The results will always change as you certainly won’t invest the exact amount of money every time you make the investment.

Apart from everything we said, there is another thing that you get the chance to enjoy. You will also minimize the volatility of portfolios that you establish. That way, you will control the amount of money you lose which is especially important in cases when you invest a bigger amount of money. Cool, isn’t it?

So, Where to Find a Good Crypto Trading Platform?


Before we end this article, there is one thing we would like to answer as well. Most of you would probably want to know where to find a crypto trading platform that has some of all of the mentioned characteristics. Well, our recommendation is to check after reading this article as you will get all the necessary information and recommendation to make the right choice. We are sure the research will be much easier when seeing tips there. Good luck!