Demystifying Fax Testing: A Guide to Sending and Receiving Test Faxes

Do you use fax machines in your business? If yes, you must know the process of fax testing in detail. In this article, we will discuss the ways to send and receive test faxes. So you can check your fax number without any complications.

Faxing is still considered a convenient way of sharing different documents. The best part is that you don’t have to undergo a long process. You can save a lot of effort and time. But when it comes to using fax regularly, businesses face some problems. These issues are generally related to the fax number. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, and in this situation, you can send or receive faxes. It is always better to check your fax number to prevent these risks.

There are various methods to test the fax number. The most significant is selecting an online platform to get the fax test number. You can find a suitable service provider after researching in detail. Reading customer reviews will provide you with a better idea of which one is the best.

You might be curious to learn everything about fax testing. Let’s discuss some crucial things regarding the same.

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What Is The Process Of Sending And Receiving Test Faxes?


The process of sending and receiving test faxes is not as complex as it seems. You have to take care of some things to avoid problems. Here are some steps separately for sending and receiving that you can follow.

Sending a test fax

  • Select a document: The first thing you need to do is get a document that you want to send as a fax. As it is a part of the process, you don’t have to be extra cautious about what you send. You can take any document that is suitable for the procedure. Once you select a document, you can put it in the correct position and move on to the next step.
  • Enter the test fax number: The second step in the process is entering the test number you have got. It is crucial to check the same twice to avoid any problems. Some people often make mistakes by not checking the number. So, make sure not to make such a mistake if you want to complete the procedure smoothly.
  • Change the settings according to your requirements: It depends on you whether you want to change some settings or not. Some people do the same, while others don’t bother. Changing the settings might also help you determine if something is wrong with the system. If you want to check that, you can proceed with it. The settings are usually based on contrast, resolution, and other related things.
  • Send the document: The next step is to send the document you have prepared. All you have to do is click the button on the system to initiate the sending process. The document will then move on to the transmission phase.
  • Read the information on the monitor: Once you have sent the document, the monitor will provide you with all the information regarding the same process. You can check for issues and problems in this step. That is why it is considered the most crucial step in the process. Also, avoid oversight as much as possible. You need to be attentive enough to carry out such a task. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefits.
  • Check the status: The last and final step of the process is checking the sending status of the document. You can do it in a variety of ways. The best one is to communicate with the receiver regarding the same. They will let you know if they have received the same or not. Through this step, you can also figure out the problems if they occur.

Receiving a test fax


  • Check the fax system: In this process, you must first check the fax system for any missing things like paper or ink. The system should be ready to receive the test fax. Otherwise, the procedure won’t work as you think it would. You have to take care of this thing more than anything.
  • Give the test fax number to the sender: Whoever sends you a test fax needs your test fax number. So, make sure to provide them with the right one. If there is any mistake in the same, the process will be a failure. Also, don’t forget to ask the sender to check the number carefully before using it. Sometimes, the problem is not in the fax system but in how senders have sent the fax.
  • Make slight adjustments when necessary: You can follow the same step in this procedure. A few adjustments won’t hamper the procedure, and you will also get the required results. You can change the settings, but only if they seem necessary.
  • Wait for the test fax: You have to wait now for the test fax to receive it. It is essential to be attentive during this step because you might miss a notification. Make sure to read every piece of information that is coming on the screen. It will reveal a lot about the system and receiving status.
  • Analyze the fax carefully: After receiving the test fax, you need to analyze the same. It is necessary because you won’t understand if your system can send and receive documents. Apart from that, you might also learn how to resolve the problem quickly. So you can proceed further and complete your business tasks. Sometimes, test faxes are full of errors and missing things. You also need to verify these things with proper analysis.
  • Note down the results: Whatever you have understood after receiving the test fax, you need to note it. The primary reason behind it is that sometimes, people miss some facts. If you do the same, you can’t fix the problems.

The Bottom Line


We hope you have understood the prices of sending and receiving the test faxes. You can get to know a lot of things from both these procedures. So, if you think it is necessary, you can initiate these processes with the proper steps.