9 Tips to Help You Identify Good From Bad Quality Sunglasses

A lot of us wear sunglasses daily, especially during high heat and sunny days. Not only that sunglasses are seen as a trendy & modern accessory, but they are also the best tool for everyday UV ray exposure. You can protect yourself from direct sunlight and look like a true fashion diva with the right pair. They are also a major confidence-boosting item. However, you should know that some stores sell cheaper glasses because their lenses are not capable of blocking harmful ultraviolet solar radiation. Avoid being cheap or tight with your money when it comes to your eyes. Keep on reading as we help you understand and tell apart good from bad sunglasses.

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9 tips to help you identify good from bad quality sunglasses

1. Go for something that is chic & that you like

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The quality of the lens is quite important while choosing sunglasses, but you should also go for something that suits you & meets your criteria. Navigate & narrow down your choice by getting different glasses that are out there on the market, yet go for a pair or a model that you like the most out of the bunch. What good does it do to you if you get high-quality & expensive UV ray glasses that can’t fit or suit your head shape?! Take your time & browse through your different options.

2. Go for an ultraviolet label

If the lenses are offering protection against UV rays make sure that their number of protection suits you and that it is high up there. You are looking at 100 percent UV protection or the UV 400 filter category. Both ways of protection are the same, just called or labeled differently. However, heads up & be cautious since some manufacturers will leave you with a fake label. If they are offering the best high-quality protection of 400 for as low as $10-$20, they are probably a scam.

3. A UV flashlight for testing purposes

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In case you are not sure whether the lenses are completely effective against UV rays you can do a quick little test that will answer the question for you. Turn on the flash on your phone and look at the watermark from your glasses. If the watermark disappears, the lenses are surely offering 100 percent protection.

4. Go big or go home

Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes, which is why you’d (naturally) want to get a bigger pair. Bigger models and bigger lenses will protect your eyes from heavy sunlight due to their dimension & size. Oversized or wraparound style glasses are the most common & typical go-to pair for a lot of guys and girls. Try on different pairs and compare them before you find your ”the one” that suits your head shape, facial features, as well as everyday or special events.

5. Darker lenses are not magical

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Oftentimes people think that darker lenses will provide you with more protection. You should know that they are not magical. Naturally, sure, darker lenses reduce the extreme light penetration & can appear as if they are better at their job. The blockage of ultraviolet light, on the other hand, only depends on the UV filter category. If you get a matte black lens with no UV protection you are in big trouble.

6. Polarized lenses do not help with UV protection

Polarized glasses are quite effective since they can reduce the glare of the sun, which makes them practical & ideal when you’re on the road or in your car. However, polarized lenses do not protect against UV light on their own. They might come in handy for the road, but outside activities, walks, and other daily moments will not protect you as well as you would want them to.

7. Everything expires

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Lenses do have an expiration date to them, believe it or not. They become ineffective as time goes on and after a certain period. This means that you can wear & enjoy your pair for 2-3 years (max). The protective layer of your sunglasses will weaken, become rusty or sensitive, as well as dirty, if not even broken in some places. Each pair is unique in itself and different, but don’t expect magic from Gucci just because you ended up overpaying for it.

8. Look at the material of your frame

High-quality sunglasses have frames made from good, sturdy & impressive material. Make sure that you pay attention to the material that is used in the making to make sure if it is smooth, bendy, or resistant. Your glasses can be a mix of acetate, metal, and wood. Some offer sweat resistance with their models, and other pairs are quite durable & perfect for outdoor use. What are you on the hunt for?

9. Are the nose pads high-quality?

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Make sure that the nose pads of your glasses are smooth, not too tight, as well as comfortable. They shouldn’t be too loose or slippery + you should stay away from tougher pads that will tighten your skin. Go for flexible nose pads that are not made out of simple rubber. These can be tricky to find, but the end results & the product in itself are worth it.

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