Does Public Liability Insurance Cover Accidental Damage

The insurance industry is a vast and diverse one and it matters what type you are thinking of when applying for compensation. Virtually any legal matter can be vastly different based on the type of insurance the parties have so making sure you know your way around the different policies and liabilities is prevalent.

One of the most common types is public liability insurance. If you have it or if you are in need of it, you will need more information about what it actually is and how it can help you. In this article we will help you learn more about it and bring all of the relevant information closer to you.

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What Is It?

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First and foremost, we have to talk about what public liability insurance even is. It is meant for businesses of any size across multiple industries. In theory, any business of any size in any industry is a viable candidate for this policy. It works by covers businesses when a client, a customer, a partner, or a member of the general public sustain an injury or if some of their property was damaged as a result of the insured business’s actions. Such claims can be virtually anything, from light damage to property like vehicles to more serious injuries to individuals.

Considering how many forms of such damage are possible, insurance of this type exists to protect the businesses and business owners from claims that may or do result in legal cases. If the case really does go to court and becomes a matter of legality, the policy is there to cover most of the costs and expenses, especially compensations that the victims are due if the case goes their way and against the business. In many cases, certain trading authorities, organizations, and businesses may require you to have some type of public liability insurance policy in place before they decide to collaborate with you. This not only means that your business will be protected, but you will also secure new business deals more easily.

Causes and Examples

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The main cause for claims lies in the poor approach to safety and the lack of care, also known as negligence. This is by far the main trigger for legal matters in this sense because all it takes is for a seemingly clumsy passerby to trip over and hurt themselves on your property. They already have a basis for a case, particularly if there was something that could have easily been done to prevent the fall and the injury. In much the same way, if somebody damages their property while on the premises of your business, they have the right to file a claim. Very random things tend to happen that result in these cases taking place, for example, knocking your drink and damaging a laptop or a mobile device of a visiting client. If they take legal action, the public liability insurance policy will cover the compensation costs related to the damaged items.

What kind should you get?

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When talking about what insurance to get, there is usually a wider selection by a typical insurance company where they offer different types of policies based on the needs of customers. They vary in coverage, perks, and benefits, and each client is free to choose the best one. When the topic of conversation is public liability insurance, however, this does not deal with the general type of insurance since most of them are similar in terms of what they offer and cover. It is more important to determine the factors surrounding your business and then decide what amount of cover you need.

Details like the size of your business, both the physical area of the premise and the volume of work you do, and the level of interaction with the general public are the two more important things to keep in mind. Other details include the scale of your typical, average contract, the history of any prior claims you may have had, and last but not least, the level of risks that are commonly associated with the type of industry and the market you are a part of.

Only when you have determined these factors can you sit down with an insurance company and focus on the cost of your public liability insurance. They too will require such information if they are to collaborate with you and offer you their services. You can choose how much coverage you want too, which is a double-edged sword. If you take little and the damages prove to costly, you will have to pay for it out of your pocket. Therefore, it is always better to take a bit more than your situation actually calls for just to be sure. Accidents happen out of nowhere and sometimes in does not take much for a very weird and unlikely scenario to take place and leave you in a world of trouble.

So what about accidental damage coverage?

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To answer the titular question in short, yes, public liability insurance policies do indeed cover accidental damages. If you think about it, any type of claim is a result of an accident in this form of a legal claim. The very existence of this form of insurance is to battle random accidents that happen and sadly cause property damage or injuries. All of the aforementioned scenarios we used as examples as well as the very nature of most cases in existence are accidental damages that happened due to the lack of proper care, signage, maintenance, or attention.

An accident is something that is unlikely to happen if you view it from the standpoint of logic, and yet it happens because of misfortune combined with what was said earlier. The definition of an accident says that is takes place when an unfortunate incident occurs, one that cannot be expectedly and is never intentional, which almost always results in either damage or injury. Therefore, public liability insurance covers nothing but accidental damages, both on items of value and on human beings. Protect yourself and have the right kind of legal help on your side just in case. All serious businesses do it, so why should you be any different?