9 Reasons Why An Electric Skateboard Is A Perfect Gift For Your Kid

With many high-end features, electric skateboards are becoming a trend among children and youth. Electric-skateboards are obtainable in different styles and designs to match your kid’s preference. So, are you wondering whether electric skateboards will be a perfect gift for your children?

The electric skateboard looks like a traditional skateboard, but it comes with attached motors, a battery, and a controller. You can make DIY electric skateboards or buy them from manufacturing stores. The electric skateboards are accessible in a wide variety of models, prices, brands, sizes, and colors. Scroll down to know the reasons why an electric skateboard is an ideal gift for kids.

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Top 9 Reasons Why An Electric Skateboard Is An Excellent Gift For Your Child

There are plenty of reasons to justify why the electric skateboard is an incredible gift for your kid. Below, we will talk about the top 9 reasons and how electric skateboards are beneficial to your children.

1. Fun And Enjoyable Ride

Source: inmotionworld.com

Undoubtedly, riding the skateboard is a fun and thrilling activity. As you do not have to push the electric skateboard with your legs, it feels like you are gushing through the wind. Besides that, you can enjoy the surroundings while riding on the electric skateboard.

Children can use the electric skateboard for going to parks or meet their friends in their neighborhood. They will have fun while racing with their electric skateboards at the nearby playground.

2. No More Traffic And Parking Trouble

When kids ride on a bicycle to go to the playground, convenience store, or school, sometimes they get caught in unavoidable traffic, causing them to be late. Besides that, they need to find an empty parking spot to park their bicycle, which leads to further delay.

Children can avoid both traffic and parking problems by riding on an electric skateboard. If they encounter a traffic jam, they can walk through the sidewalk by holding the skateboard. Also, electric skateboards do not need any parking spots because you can carry them everywhere with you.

3. Enhances Health Of Children

Source: expatica.com

Riding the electric skateboard will help to increase the muscle mass and overall strength of the children. As the kids need to keep standing on their feet on the electric skateboard, they can burn some calories. Plus, they will have to use their hands for balancing the electric skateboard, which improves their overall body balance skills.

Another benefit of electric skateboarding is that it improves the nervous system in children. As you need to retain the balance on the board for a longer period, your nervous system will function properly for the whole time. While riding on the electric skateboard, you will also get fresh outer air.

4. Handheld Wireless Controller

In general, the electric skateboard operates on a sensor and Bluetooth remote control. You can control the riding speed and acceleration with the touch of a button. This remote control is also known as the finger wheel, which enables you to drive on the electric skateboard smoothly. Hence, you can put more focus on the roadside to check if any vehicle is coming.

5. Eco-friendly Transportation Mode For Children

Source: inboardskate.com

Riding on the electric skateboard is one of the best eco-friendly transportation modes. The electric skateboard does not need gas or fuel. Besides that, this eco-friendly board does not release carbon monoxide, pollutants, and other harmful substances.

If they are fully charged, many of the long-range electric skateboards can work for a whole day or two days. Besides that, they do not even use excessive amounts of electricity as well. Due to that, they remained as one of the best sustainable aspects of mobility.

6. High Speed

The maximum speed of a few electric skateboard models can go up to 22 miles per hour. So, children can reach their destination or the final location quickly. Besides that, electric skateboards can move over hills and across horizontal surfaces safely with high speed compared to traditional skateboards.

The electric skateboards arrive with several speed control variants to make sure that the riders stay in control while riding them. Using those speed controls, you can move up a hill at a high speed and decrease the speed when going downhill. Many electric skateboards come with an inbuilt alarm that is created to instruct the riders when they are nearing top speeds. With that, the electric skateboard also ensures the safety of children.

7. Works As A Traditional Skateboard

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The electric skateboards can also function as traditional skateboards. For that, all you need to do is switch off the motor drive system of the electric skateboard. There, it will become a typical skateboard that can be used for completing stunts on skate courses. Later, you can turn on the motor drive system to use it as an electric skateboard.

8. Cost-Effective

Like we said previously, electric skateboards do not need gas or fuel, and you do not have to pay any fee to ride them. Due to that, you can save money on transpiration. You can use electric skateboards to go to places miles away from your location because you do not have to push them with your legs. It is better to use an electric skateboard when you are going out to nearby areas to run errands or meet your pals.

9. Easy Ride

Source: evolveskateboardsusa.com

Riding the electric skateboards is very simple, and you do not need to push it to move forward. Because of that, you longer have to suffer from leg numbness, which could be the result of riding traditional skateboards for a long time. A few electric skateboards are manufactured to move through the uphill surfaces comfortably. Children can go for long rides on electric skateboards without sweating too much.

Bottom Line

All the above 9 reasons explain the benefits of electric skateboards, making them a perfect gift for children. Electric skateboards are simply the best transportation mode for kids, and they are also creative and convenient. It will be best for children if you upgrade their lifestyle and day-to-day commute with the electric skateboard.