Top 7 Email Marketing Tips For Real Estate Marketers – 2024 Guide

The real estate industry is undergoing fast-paced changes, and email marketing is one of the top priorities for real estate marketers. Also, millennials and Gen Z are joining the buyer market. For realtors, email marketing opens doors to multiple benefits. They can create a database of buyers and prospective buyers to run lead warming activities. They can also use it for customer engagement and direct sales.

Like other industries, real estate also requires building long term relationships, and email marketing can play a significant role in fulfilling all these requirements. In this article, I will share some email marketing tips for the real estate industry that will help you achieve maximum conversions and build lasting relationships. Read the blog to know tips and tricks from professional HTML email developers:

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1. Start With Actionable Welcome Emails

The welcome emails hold a crucial significance in email marketing. Whenever a user signs up for your email list, you can use your last interaction with them to send welcome emails. This could be an in-person inquiry, a visit to your website, or a telephonic call. Take the opportunity to introduce your company, and don’t forget to put up an actionable copy that allows you to understand more about their purchase intent. This can be easily done with the help of short, pulse-like surveys and CTA buttons. Make sure you talk about the project/property for which your prospects showed interest.

2. Use Newsletters To Provide Creative Inputs

Real estate marketers can benefit immensely from email newsletters. You can send your prospective buyers a list of creative inputs for homes. You can include interior design updates, recent furniture trends, home coloring tips, reviews of different localities, mortgage advice, and other informative items in your newspapers. Stick to providing only interesting pieces of content, and make your newsletters visual-friendly. Newsletters also help keep prospects engaged throughout the long sales cycles of the real estate industry. Here’s an amazing emailer from Zillow with creative inputs that anyone would love to look at:

3. Make Full Use Of Personalization And Segmentation

For capital intensive products that hold a significant personal value like real estate, personalization is a necessity more than an option. Personalization tactics like including the recipient’s name in the salutation, using their interests, and even reaching out to them on personal events/anniversaries can make a lot of difference. Segmentation and personalization go hands in hands in improving the reader experience, and realtors should make extensive use of these capabilities provided in their ESP.

They also generate 58% of the revenue. Marketing personalization, such as personalized subject lines, can increase opens by 26%. Personalization improves the user experience by leaps and bounds as it reduces work on the user’s end. In the real estate industry, which is sales-intensive, using personalization and segmentation in email communication will also help your sales reps gather more insights for warm leads.

This email from Compass is a great example of using personalized messages that deliver value for readers instantly:

4. Use Special Landing Pages For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Real estate projects are very elaborate to explain, and hence you should insert a hyperlink to specific landing pages for each project. Using a special landing page alongside the email marketing campaigns enables you to educate your customers and prospects while generating traffic on your website. You can display various data regarding the project, list the upcoming properties, share insights, and inform them regarding upcoming events. Thus, it will improve the return on investment, which hovers around $44 for every dollar pumped in. Realtors often work on multiple projects and thus, dedicated landing pages also help maintain consistency and avoid confusion.

5. Use Email Marketing With CRM

The purchase cycle in real estate is pretty long, and thus, you should integrate your email marketing efforts with your CRM to get the best results. This allows you to centrally manage all your contact databases and supports functions like personalization, segmentation, and list building. CRMs like HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Freshdesk help you with sales funneling and gauge interest of your prospects

Using the CRM also allows you to carry out targeted efforts and manage your email campaigns as per lead maturity stages of different subscribers. The CRM data also provides you with extensive reports and a must-have for property marketers.

6. Add Videos To Your Messages


Embedding videos from a third-party application like YouTube can become a game-changer for real estate marketers. They can give a virtual walk around view of upcoming properties and also share educational video content. This will ramp up customer engagement rates and help your audience connect better with your products.

Remember, a lot depends on how your customers feel and sending them a video does more justice than sending a thousand-word copy. Probably, videos are the best way to display your USPs and give your prospects a realistic feel of your offerings.

7. Always Keep A Track Of Analytics

There is no evergreen strategy or sure-shot guarantee that a particular type of effort will reap your results when it comes to marketing. You should keep a tab of analytics like open rates, CTR, spam rate, unsubscribe rate, list growth rate, conversion rate, and other email metrics to know what works the best for you. This will also help you to understand customer demand and see how they respond to various messages. As a real estate marketer, you can use analytics data to understand the ideal characteristics of properties and see which type of email template design works the best for you. We strongly recommend focusing on this aspect because the sales cycle is longer for realtors, consuming more effort and time. Analytics will help you keep the costs on optimal levels and improve campaign ROI systematically.

Summing Up

I have enlisted seven of the most effective ideas for real estate marketers for improving their email marketing game. Real estate is all about building long-term, trustworthy relationships, and this requires you to frequently communicate with your prospects and customers. This also happens to be the forte of email marketing, making emails the best digital marketing channels for realtors. As per Email Uplers, focus on sending out valuable content in your emails and try to educate your customers genuinely. I hope that you find these email marketing tips insightful for your next real estate campaign.