8 Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

When external conditions like the Coronavirus force you to stay home and respect the so-called social distance – you need to think of something to reduce the boredom. Quarantine is not always easy, so you need to find some way to help yourself to maintain your state of mind and body at a normal level. So how do you have fun while at home during coronavirus quarantine? Here are some suggestions.

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Loneliness And Boredom – Consequences Of Social Distancing


Since the advent of coronavirus, most countries have adopted measures to prevent the further spread of this dangerous virus. For this particular reason, most of us are ‘sentenced’ to a longer stay at home. We all apply measures of physical and social distance, which is not easy. Man is by definition a social being who needs companionship. So what do we do when you’re home alone?

You are enclosed in your four walls.

There is not much that can divert your attention beyond dealing with yourself. No matter if each of us needs to rest and sleep – a longer stay at home can be crazy – especially if you are a temperamental person. After a while, you will start to feel like you are in prison – lonely and trapped with your thoughts, which tend to lead you to nostalgia, and often depression. Don’t let that happen!

The Good And Bad Sides Of Quarantine

Every story has its good and bad sides. The state of emergency at the time of the coronavirus has in some way abolished freedom. But only freedom of movement, because we are enlivening the freedom of everything else ourselves. Quarantine time is the time we can all rest. However, we should all try to balance between productivity and relaxation. It is finally the time we can devote to ourselves! Now we can do everything that has been on our to-do lists for years. Therefore, we suggest 7 creative time-killing solutions while you’re at home.

1.    General Housekeeping


If you suffer from excess energy – you may find some peace of mind when it comes to cleaning your home! Certainly, there are those remote corners around the house that you never had time for – it might be a basement, yard or a porch. We know that, for most people, cleaning over the house sounds like a punishment – but it is not the small number of those who, through tidying up, can find the best way to feel in control and productivity. If that’s you – go ahead, these days may be ideal for you.

2.    Try New Exercises


Exercising does not have to be strenuous and boring – it can also be a lot of fun. Thanks to the quarantine – there are more and more online courses and YouTube videos for different types of exercise. Maybe it’s the right time to give yourself a yoga chance, or to try Pilates? Or is it more challenging for you to lift weights? You can also easily play your favorite music and dance around the house. If you live with a partner, you can try to learn some dance together – or you can do it yourself. For added motivation, you can also organize a group exercise via video call with friends.

3.    Attending Online Courses


Every online course platform has a trial period, so you can taste something new. The prestigious Harvard and Yale Universities have also opened their doors for online courses. There you can find everything from psychology to machine intelligence. The average duration of the course is about 20 hours, and the trial period is usually 7 days. That means you need to take 3 hours a day to attend an interactive course.

You need to log in to the platform, sign up for the desired course – and wait for a confirmation email so that you can access the lessons learned with the code. This can be an additional engagement in your CV and a first step towards gaining new competence.

4.    Esports And Gaming


In times of delayed sporting events – one sport “from home” gains importance. As well as being amateur and semi-professional – this sport is popular all over the world. It has also proven to be very adaptable to the new situation. It is currently the only action that meets all the norms of social distance and responsible behavior. It’s esports. Gamers are enjoying these days because this industry is booming. They play WoW, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc. –  but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of popular titles. What’s more, WoW players are especially active these days.

New records are being reached and gamers are using the WoW Classic boost on LFCarry to strengthen their characters and advance the game. If you want to improve your game and advance the levels – just go ahead! This period is ideal to improve gaming skills. You can follow the most important tournaments on the Twitch platform – or decide to try yourself in gaming if you haven’t already.

5.    Editing Profiles On Social Networks


It’s a good idea to browse through the available photos and delete the ones we no longer like on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can also delete all the people you follow – that you no longer want. Your feed doesn’t have to be flooded with people who don’t like you or things you no longer like. It’s a good time to install Twitter if you haven’t. Because by all accounts, the popularity of this network is returning.

It is fun to follow the debates of politicians and public figures – as well as people’s opinions on various topics. Therefore, be sure to keep up-to-date with Twitter on all current world and local events. LinkedIn is one of the unofficially required things if you want to be taken seriously by the business world. Only one YouTube video lasting about 20 minutes is required to master this network.

6.    Plan Your Next Trip

It is important to bring positive things to life, and the very thought of a new journey certainly is positive. Many world-class museums are now available to all visitors in a virtual model. Look for what you are interested in – and maybe a bunch of good museums in one city can help you choose your next destination. Following the crisis, airlines have announced reductions in ticket prices. Plan your new travel adventure during quarantine!

7.    A New Idea Or A New Project

The good side of this state of emergency is that all people are online. Think about business plans and work on your ideas. Share them with your partners and friends and maybe gather a new team ready to work on a new project. You can find out more about an area through the many free ebooks as well as the online courses mentioned above. A brainstorming meeting via the Zoom platform is now easier to organize than ever, especially if you are timing it during curfew.

8.    An Evening Of International Cuisine


You rarely have time for this, so now is the perfect opportunity. Make yourself and your family a completely country-style dinner – it might not be too bad to bypass the classic Italian specialties we often eat and indulge in Moroccan, Indian or African cuisine.

And why would you stop there? Find music from that country and create the right atmosphere as if you went to an exotic restaurant. If you want to go one step further, you can also have dinner on the floor, in the true Indian style, or you can find yourself some sunny part of the apartment (or terrace) during the day and have a picnic on a blanket.