Evergreen Tamil Songs that Make Your Heart Melt

Tamil history has a long connection with music. The tradition of Tamil music goes back to a thousand years where different periods were blessed with ancient, classical, and folk music. In the golden era of the Tamil music industry, the legendary music directors, singers, lyricists immortalized so many super hits that stand the test of time and loved by masses even today. You can listen to the popular Tamil songs with Carvaan Tamil.

One of the features that separate old Tamil songs from the rest is the richness of originality that can be felt when one hears those melodious songs. More than inspiration, you can find the genuine masterpiece of rhythms, tunes, and fluidity crafted by masters at work and sung by legends. These include ever so magnificent music composers like M. S. Vishwanathan, Ilaiyaraaja, singers like T. M. Soundararajan. P. Susheela, S. Janaki, and lyricist Kannadasan Vaali.

Later, the amalgamation of Carnatic, Folk, and modern elements lead to the creation of some magical Tamil songs as well. This was smartly utilized by modern music genius, A. R. Rahman. The result is a great collection of evergreen Tamil songs, being an aural feast for music lovers, irrespective of language or region.

Tamil songs are so pure that it will leave you speechless. The yesteryear singers would cast a spell with their mellifluous voice.

It is worthy to note that in Tamil Nadu, actors are remembered for a song more than the singer. It may be because of the larger than life stories and actors like MGR and Sivaji Ganesan who have singlehandedly taken the Tamil cinema forward.

There are different eras into which Tamil songs can be divided –

MGR without a doubt was a cultural icon of Tamil Nadu. An actor, filmmaker, and later as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he was the people’s man. It is easily reflected in the priceless songs picturized on the superstar. Most of the MGR songs are focused on themes such as social reforms, charity, leadership, standing for one’s rights and so on. The songs like Enga Vettu Pillai, Naan aanai Ittal, Athu nadanthu vittal, Thoongathe thambi, thoongathe, Nalla Perai Vaanga Vendum Pillaigale aptly conveys his message and are close to the heart of Tamil people. It even resonates with the young generation today.

Sivaji Ganesan, as far as acting is concerned, was a nonpareil actor of Tamil Cinema. He also has many super hit songs to his name. This includes the tracks such as Itho enthan deivam munnalae, Naan ore oru punnagaiyil kandanae, Yaarukkaaga, Ithu yaarukkaaga. These songs made huge waves and were on the mouth of music lovers for a very long time all over Tamil Nadu.

The legendary music composers Ramamoorthy, M. S. Vishwanathan (who was popularly known as Mellisai Mannar meaning ‘The King of Light Music’) along with singers like T. M. Soundararajan and S. P Balasubramaniam ruled the musical scene of Tamil cinema in the golden era. The era of Ilaiyaraaja was refreshingly beautiful and sensational for the Tamil cinema. With thousands of songs to his credit, he crafted music which enthralled one and all consistently. He ruled the 1980s and 1990s with classic Tamil songs like Aanakilae, unnai theduthen, Naan oru sindhu, Vasantha Kaala Nathikalie, Then pandi seemaiilae and many more.

With so big a legacy left behind by musical maestros, it was imperative that musical genius like A. R. Rahman would be born. And by the 1990s, the era of modern music began under him, which eventually captured the heart of people like no other. The major hit Tamil songs composed by the icon include Rasiga En rasiga, Manasukkul Oru Puyal, Vaa Vaa Poovae Vaa, Idhu Kaadhala, and he continues to give super hit songs in Tamil.

Tamil movies in the past and present are enriched by the song-sequences. One cannot find any super hit movies without the lead actors and actresses lip-syncing the songs and dancing to beautiful tunes. Therefore, singing duos were greatly respected and loved by the masses. Some of the well-known and adored duets were from T. M. Soundararajan-P. Susheela, P.B. Sreenivas-S. Janaki, A.M Rajah-Jikki, and V. Ghantasala-P. Leela.

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