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Music is everywhere around us and we use every single moment to enjoy it. Logically, different people like different genres of music. Some people are bigger fans of rock music while others like more modern sounds. A special group of people is flexible and they can listen to everything.

However, being a big fan of different bands and singers doesn’t make you a music enthusiast. The biggest supporters of music would try to learn how to play different instruments. Well, which instrument is the best possible one for the beginners?

The answer to this question requires a detailed analysis. The guitar is one of the favorite instruments of all people. It allows you to play a different type of music on it. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have different multiple types of guitar. Logically, the two biggest categories are acoustic and electric guitar.

Both instruments are great and learning how to play them is a tough challenge. Still, the biggest doubt for beginners is to decide on one. At first glance, the electric guitar seems more attractive because of its features. On the other hand, playing an acoustic one seems a bit less difficult. There are certain crucial differences between both of them that might give you a clearer answer.

Enough talking; let’s find out together.

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Overall Differences and Similarities

We will start this analysis from the very beginning. If you are a complete beginner in the music industry, the acoustic guitar might be a better choice. The reason why we say this is probably obvious. They are truly simple and very easy for using. In other words, there are no additional complications. Things you see is something that beginners will get. Despite that, you don’t have to spend extra effort to plug in this type of guitar.

Still, this doesn’t mean that starting with an electric guitar would be a huge mistake. They both have the same layout which makes things easier for you. However, one crucial difference makes things a bit clearer. This type of guitar can be amplified. On the other hand, this is not an option that you have with the acoustic one.

You might get a bit confused when you look at the electric one. Many buttons and switches in one place might seem complex. However, the look should not trick you at all. The core features of both types of guitars are completely the same. Playing an electric guitar might be a bit more motivational for the beginners.

Immediately after you plug the guitar into an amplifier, you will start feeling like a rockstar. We know that many young people have that type of desire. This could be a good motivation to start learning new things every single day.

Price Comparison

We are not going to promote any of the brands in this article. You have probably heard about many of them. However, price comparison is important for every beginner. This especially counts when we talk about young adults that do not have too much money.

First of all, you should know that acoustic guitars are more affordable compared to the other type. You won’t need to spend a fortune to get one. Despite that, the started pack of many acoustic guitars are perfect for the beginners. You will always get additional accessories such as tuner, case, spare strings, etc. All these things are some sort of necessity for each beginner. Logically, this only counts if you manage to find the right supplier.

On the other hand, the electric guitar is a good choice if lack of money is not the problem. The beginners will need to invest extra money to purchase some other accessories. For instance, you will need to get a guitar lead, an amp, a tuner, etc. We believe it might seem too expensive for you to purchase this type of product. However, are you pretty sure that you want to become a musician? If that’s the case, you need to be ready to invest in your “career”. Buying an electric guitar is the first step that you need to make.

Sounds of Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Indeed, the acoustic guitar has a variety of amazing sounds. It can be fascinating when you hit an open G or when you play some of the softest melodies. Despite that, there is no need to use some external amp. Your sounds will be clear without them. Still, keep in mind that the acoustic guitars are limited to only one sound. You don’t have the opportunity to add different effects that might make your music more interesting.

When we talk about electric ones, their sounds are surely more versatile. The sound expansion is possible in several different ways thanks to an external amp. In most cases, the majority of amps have a distortion channel and a clean channel. This feature will allow you to have more tone options. Some musicians decide on adding effects pedals to their guitar sounds. In this way, they can easily enhance the sound the guitar produces.

What about Playability?

Well, some people will tell you that acoustic guitars are more complex to learn. However, as we said, they might be easier for playing after you learn different tricks and methods. As you probably know, the strings of the acoustic guitar are heavier. Despite that, its strings are higher compared to the strings of electric guitars.

This means that your fingers truly need to be strong. However, this is not something that should scare you. After 2 or 3 months, your fingers will adjust and become stronger. Despite that, you can use lighter strings in the beginning and slowly replace them with the heavier ones.

Strings of electrical guitar are lighter. Because of that, many beginners consider them easier for playing. The size of the entire guitar is a lot smaller compared to the acoustic one. Because of this feature, the learning process of the electric guitar might be easier. Still, this doesn’t mean that chords won’t feel difficult. The space between strings is small and this can make the learning process tougher.

Bonus Tip: Try Out Both

Let’s summarize everything we talked about. The answer to the question that you were looking for does not exist. It depends a lot on your needs, expectations, and requirements. If tiny space between the strings bothers you, you should start with an acoustic guitar. On the other hand, if your fingers are weak, you might try out the electric guitar.

Still, everything we said sounds clear in theory. You should start playing both guitars and realize alone which one suits you the most. Despite that, you should also get familiar with all the subjects associated with both types of guitars. Websites like are a perfect place where you can expand your knowledge. Find out everything from different online guitar lessons to different models of acoustic/electric guitars.