First-Time Traveler to Dubai

Crucial and Pleasurable Aspects to Explore As a First-Time Traveler to Dubai

As one of the most alluring nations in the globe, Dubai treasures the famous Burj Khalifa 7-star resort and the tallest skyscraper. However, the appeals of the country do not end here. The nation is on the verge of transforming into the world’s most elegantly and aesthetically structured destination. Tourists from afar visit the UAE to explore and experience its popular fiestas and rich cultural heritage. If you have planned on your gala tour anytime soon, here is some heads-up you must take a look at.

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Booking the Most Comfortable and Affordable Flight to Dubai

Dubai is the most traveled destination in the world. Therefore, there will be no lack of available flights to this popular destination. There are a range of airlines that offer flight reservation options to Dubai.

However, it is always convenient to book your flight through a travel booking site. Reliable and reputable travel booking websites like Cleartrip can provide you the options for the cheapest flights to Dubai. You can also check out their promo code options to attain good value for money.

Track The Country’s Electricity Specification for Emergency

UAE Country’s Electricity Specification for Emergency


This pointer might seem like a miscellaneous one. However, a large percentage of first-time travelers experience hassles in emergencies with power problems. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the emergency list of numbers and contacts of Dubai saved in your device. The United Arab Emirates accommodates only 220V of electricity.

To keep your devices running for safety and stay in touch, carry a set of travel chargers and universal chars with you. Purchasing these electronics in the UAE can fall heavy on the pockets.

Liquor Etiquettes in Dubai

Speaking of liquor, you can explore some of the finest selections of drinks at bars, pubs, and hotels. The drinks might range from the least expensive beer and spirits to the most luxurious champagne in the country. While twenty-one is the legal age for consuming alcohol, some pubs do not permit individuals under the age of twenty-five.

A liquor license is a must when you purchase alcohol within the city. The cost of alcohol at the liquor stores is also not very cost-efficient. You might find them heavy on the pocket as an international tourist. Hence, it is always wise to buy your liquor from the duty-free, which offers great collections and prices of liquor.

What about the UAE Currency Aspects?

What about the UAE Currency Aspects


Having sufficient funds for instant use is extremely imperative when it comes to international travel. Whether you are on your Hyderabad to Dubai flights or already landed at the Dubai International Airport, you must be ready to pay in Dirhams. The official currency of Dubai is termed the UAE Dirham or AED, which is also known as DH in short. No shortage of local stores in Dubai will offer you excellent exchange rates. You can use your international debit or credit cards as well, which is widely accepted in the nation.

Wrapping Up

Making Memories in the Land Of Gulf Tigers is all about exploring every aspect and element hidden in its corners. The ideal time to take a trip to Dubai is between November to February. The information mentioned above is well-researched and practically demonstrated to make your first trip to Dubai a safe and memorable one.