5 Times When You Should Consider Getting Client a Corporate Gift

Getting clients corporate gifts can make a huge difference if you own or operate a business. You’ll want to do all you can to make sure that the client stays with you. Retaining them should be a top priority, especially if they buy thousands of products from you with every order.

You can take various measures to keep that client, but buying them corporate gifts is always one way to go that’s nearly foolproof. You will need to consider what you know about that client before you decide what item or experience to get them.

Let’s talk about some particular times you’ll want to get a current or potential client a corporate gift. The right present at the proper moment might mean thousands or even millions of dollars for your company.

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A Client’s Birthday

You’ll first need to locate a company that makes high-quality corporate gifts. For instance, Crestline has some great holiday gifts for clients, and you can peruse their website if you’re ready to select something meaningful that’s also within your price range.

A client’s birthday is a can’t-miss opportunity to secure that customer’s loyalty. If they buy from you regularly, or you’re courting them, and you want to convince them to go with your business over your rivals, you can do that by getting them something you feel confident they’ll love.

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Most people like it when you acknowledge their birthdays, and clients are seldom an exception. Unless you know the client dreads getting older, and you understand they don’t like anyone to mention their birthday, getting them a present is the right move.

This shows you know and care about them personally, and they’re not just a faceless individual ready to open their wallet for your company. Yes, you’re trying to retain or land this person as a client, but just because you have a partially transactional relationship, that doesn’t mean you can’t convey genuine warmth with a thoughtful or meaningful gift.


Maybe you get to the end-of-the-year holiday season, and you’re trying to retain some of your corporation’s top clients. Christmas is one time that you shouldn’t skimp on holiday gifts, especially if you know the client likes the holiday and spends it with their family.

If the client has no family and spends the holiday alone, you sending them a thoughtful gift might mean even more to them. Again, it shows you two have a transaction relationship, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re showing this person your company thinks about them, and you’re not ignoring what they mean to you.

Make sure if you get a Christmas gift for a client that they celebrate the holiday. You don’t want to get this person a Christmas present and then learn they’re Jewish or belong to the Muslim faith. You can either ask them about their religious beliefs or find out through other sources.

If you find out that a client does not celebrate Christmas, that does not necessarily mean you can’t get them anything. You might simply give them a gift and write “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” on the card. That way, you won’t offend them.

A Milestone in Your Relationship

Maybe you’ve retained a particular client for a long time. For instance, perhaps they have purchased services or products from your company for a decade.

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You might send them a small but meaningful gift that lets them know you’re acknowledging the ten years they’ve spent with you. They may forget that kind of milestone when it passes, but you should not.

You don’t necessarily need to get this person something very expensive to mark this occasion. You can’t go wrong with a whiskey decanter set with 10 years sign engraved on the glass. As long as you get them something that demonstrates you know about their likes and dislikes, they should feel touched and want to continue the business relationship that you’ve cultivated.

A Milestone in Their Personal Life

You can often find other reasons besides birthdays to get a client a personal and touching gift that they’re sure to love. Maybe you can get them a present if you know they’re about to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary with their spouse. If they’re celebrating twenty or thirty years with their spouse, you can get them a gift to remind them that you know about their big day and you want to pay them some kind of tribute.

For instance, you might get your client and their spouse a spot on a luxury cruise to an exotic destination. You may get the happy couple a pair of high-end tennis rackets if you know that they like to play doubles together.

Again, your intimate knowledge regarding this person and their life should serve you well here. If you have a personal assistant, you might have them learn about your top clients if you can’t get that information out of them yourself.

When You Complete a Big Deal with Them

You might complete a major deal with a client. Perhaps when you meet them for the first time, you sit down to discuss a huge purchase they want to make. Maybe this single deal will ensure an entire quarter or year’s financial success.

If so, you need to show appreciation when you close that deal. You’re exchanging a service or products for money, but now, you need to sweeten the deal with a carefully selected corporate gift that shows you want to do further business with this person, and you feel thankful toward them.

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You might get them a box of excellent cigars or a high-quality massage chair if you know that they have a bad back. Try to find out what they like and get them a gift that matches that interest or personality trait. When they see that present, they are likely to want to continue the relationship, especially if you figure out the perfect gift that addresses some need the person has.

Corporate presents at the right time can mean your company succeeds or fails.