5 Health Benefits of Having Cacti & Succulents In Your Home – 2024 Guide

Many people found that they are passionate about new things that they weren’t aware of before the coronavirus pandemic. But, since the curfews and lockdowns started, we all needed to find something that will take a lot of our spare time, so we won’t end eating a lot, sleeping, and watching TV. Some of us started with a better skincare routine, others were reading lots of books, there were those who were cooking every day, and as we can see on the social media, home plants and succulents are now a huge thing among us.

You can find a lot of exchange groups on Facebook, and Instagram profiles that offer to swap or cactuses and succulents for sale. Also, if you can’t find anything around you, you can always order from websites like succulentmarket.com, which offer different kinds of home plants. But, looking beautiful isn’t their only role at your house. Some of the plants we have at home may offer a lot of health benefits for us because they can clean the air, and keep them moist on proper levels, so you can live comfortably. Rarely who knew about these positive features when the succulent boom started, but here we are, to make a list of all the benefits for your health and well-being:

Img source: thespruce.com

  1. Air purifying

Almost every house plant can clean the air in your room and purify it. Not only the succulents and cactuses, but there are also hundreds of plants with the same feature. Also, they attract the particles and compounds from the air, stick them to the soil or the plant’s surface, which is very important if you live in an area where some organic particles and compounds are present in the air. All of these particles can be easily converted into plant food or additional fertilizer, and at the same time, the air will be fresher and cleaner than before.

  1. Improving the humidity and the level of oxygen

The plants collect and release water during the process named photosynthesis. That means, when the air is too dry, they can moisturize it, so you can avoid unpleasant symptoms like cough, itchy skin, sore throat, and so on. Also, during the same process, they release oxygen too. They are using carbon dioxide, so photosynthesis can happen. That’s the opposite of our breathing since we need oxygen, and release carbon dioxide while exhaling. When you have house plants at home, including succulents and cactuses, you can be sure that this cyclic process is always properly maintained at your home. You can put them anywhere in your rooms, but following the conditions the particular plants need, because some of them need more sunlight, but also, there are those who work better in shade.

Img source: gardeningknowhow.com

  1. They make your home look brighter

Sometimes we need just more brightness around us, so we can feel better both mentally and physically. You can arrange them, pay a lot of attention to the watering and their general well-being. That will result in brighter rooms full of life, fresh air, and comfort. Adding greens to the rooms is a great way to stay calm after a busy day, and when they’re blooming, they will make your home colorful and vibrant. Some of these plants will stay green all the time, and you can combine them with those that bloom, so you can always have fun with their changes through the seasons.

  1. Train your brain

In order to keep all the plants healthy, you need to remember when to water them, and how much water every one of them needs. That requires a lot of attention and a good memory, and as you do that, you are more focused on the details, and after a few months of actively taking care of your cactuses and succulents, you will have fewer concentration issues, and improved attention span. When you put a piece of nature in a room, you need to mimic the natural conditions they need to survive. You will have to read a lot of tutorials, watch videos, and learn important things and facts about them. That will improve your memory and cognitive skills.

Also, some studies showed that when you train your brain, you are also increasing your pain tolerance and that the plants have a huge influence over that. You don’t need to have them a lot. Just a few are enough so you can feel all of these benefits for your health and well-being.

Img source: nature-and-garden.com

  1. Improving mental health

Knowing that you are responsible for something alive, as these plants are, has a lot of benefits for your mental health. Watching them how they grow and become more beautiful is calming, and may boost your mood when you feel bad about something. It may seem like there is no connection between the plants and the condition of your brain, but if you think about it carefully, you will realize that the people who take care of succulents are often calm, mindful, and caring. Another important thing they can help with is focusing, and usually, doctors recommend the presence of plants around the people who suffer ADHD and have problems with their attention. If you have it, or you have a child with ADHD, you can try improving the focus by taking care of cactus and succulents. Surely there will be good and satisfying results.

People find the succulents and cactuses very attractive and unique, because their leaves are thick, and they can survive longer without water. At the same time, they are beautiful and are a great addition to the home decor. Also, according to Feng Shui, they bring good luck, but if they have thorns, this tradition recommends keeping them on your yard or balcony, or if that’s impossible, away from the living room and bedroom. Another good thing is that even though the main unit doesn’t live long, it gives us enough offsets to plant them separately, so we can say they are eternal. That’s why they symbolize endless love and new life.