Top 5 Tips If You Are Looking For The Best Home As Newlyweds

You’ve planned your wedding meticulously. You’ve recited your vows, then party the night away with your loved ones during the reception. It was a perfect day.

You’ve spent your honeymoon on a stress-free and exciting adventure… and now that it’s done, you’re going to transition to the next step of your married life.

For some, it may mean finally settling down in a peaceful home within a peaceful environment.

You will now have to spend some money together. There are threats of disagreement, especially if you have different preferences. At the same time, it can be a really exciting experience because you’ll be able to celebrate the union of your two lives.

You’ll get to merge all your likes into one purchasing decision. A new home highlights the new life you’re trying to create as a lifetime couple. Finding a home for the two of you is a milestone.

It’s perfectly understandable if you want to get it right. It’s the place to make all those new memories as a married couple!

You don’t want to make any costly mistakes and disappointments after deciding your home. It is not easy to choose the home to start raising a family. So here are the steps on looking for the best home for newlyweds.

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1. Assess your financial state


Money matters can be a sensitive topic even for newlyweds. You still need time to adjust your finances now that you have a spouse. Don’t decide to put everything on credit because you don’t want to start your married life with a bunch of debts. Debts are primary causes for quarrels, disagreements and even divorce. That’s why assessing your financial state is one of the most important steps when looking for the best home.

Check your overall money situation. Decide on the price range that both of you can afford. Before you start comparing house models and locations, take note of the price range most suitable for you. Doing so will give you clarity on the type of house you can afford.

You need to be comfortable discussing this to your spouse to make it smooth sailing. Buying a house is already stressful. If you are both honest on how you feel about it, you can support each other and lessen the stress.

2. Discuss and decide together


Single life and married life are two different things. When you’re single, you’re accountable to no one. You don’t need to consider somebody else about your timeline and your purchasing plans. Meanwhile, being married is different to a whole new level. You’ll need to consult your plans with your partner.

Deciding on a home is one of those things you need to decide together. Discuss with each other what you’re looking for in a home. Be clear with your expectations as a couple. Decide how much you’re willing to set aside for when you buy or rent a home. Identify your source of money and the like. The two of you are in this together.

Discuss your preferences. How big do you want your new home to be? What theme would you like for your new home? Do you prefer to live in the city or the countryside? Do you want it near your workplace? It’s inevitable to have opposing views when discussing your preferences. Consider it as an opportunity to work together and decide on a compromise.

3. Choose your neighborhood wisely


You can manage the interior of your home, but you can’t control what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Does the neighborhood tend to be noisy? Are there any building projects that can disturb you with noise? Are there any reported crimes in the area? Your number one priority should be your safety. Is your home near your workplace? Are there schools nearby for when you decide to have a child? If your first priority is safety, the second priority is convenience.

4. Seek help from professionals


If it’s your first time buying a home, then there’s a high chance that you’re going to overlook something. No matter how much you plan things, there are still things you might not be prepared for. To avoid this, seek the expertise of professionals.

Seek the help of bank loan officers and licensed real estate brokers. Their years of experience can save you from areas that experience flooding. They can also best recommend places that may be in accordance with your taste, and at the same time fitting to your budget.

If you’re setting an eye on a property, take note that the reputation of its developer reflects the quality of the property. That’s why only trust reliable real estate companies like PropertyOnline Philippines. It is not easy to find the best real estate company or brokers.

With numerous options to choose from, how will you know if the real estate company service is of high quality?

Look for client reviews and testimonials on their social media accounts and website. Research if the company has a long history of providing quality properties on time. Check its social media and see how satisfied their clients are. You will also get an idea on how they treat their customers.

Add to that, make sure that they have the right business papers to operate.

5. Prepare your finances


Before you decide on buying or renting your home, decide whether you’re going to pay in cash or if you’re going to apply for a loan. If you’ll avail of a loan, figure out if you have money for a mortgage if you qualify for a loan, and if you can afford the monthly fees.

There are more expenses other than the cost of the house itself. You are going through a legal process and every step could potentially require you to shed some cash. If you are a newlywed who are both working, you can plan to pool your income. If only one has a regular income, then you plan to save some cash by adjusting your monthly budget.

Buying a house is not an easy feat. But it can be enjoyable and memorable if you support each other by listening to one another’s idea.

Bottomline, planning is important. Being prepared mentally, emotionally and most importantly financially for choosing your first home is essential to your married life.