5 Reasons To Avoid Hiring Cheap Hood Cleaning Service In 2024

If you are in the food industry, and if you own a restaurant, then you probably know how important cleaning and maintaining your kitchen is. It is said that a business cannot stay open unless everything is properly regulated, and if you don’t do the cleaning regularly, you may not only lose the permits you have, but you may also get sued by your customers or even employees. By definition, kitchen exhaust cleaning, or hood cleaning, is the process where all the dirt and grease that’s accumulated in the exhaust system is removed. No matter how much attention you pay to everything being spotless while the food is preparing there, the kitchen exhaust system, including vents, pipes, and fans, will always absorb some of the grease, and in time, it will cause a build-up. Note that maintaining the equipment is important if you want the restaurant to keep running with ease, and if you don’t want to risk any fire hazards.

Nowadays, there are a lot of services that can help you out with this task, and many restaurant owners believe that it’s better to hire a cheap service, and then finish the job on their own than to invest in a reliable place that may charge you a little bit more. In this article, we are going to give you some reasons why you should avoid hiring the cheapest hood cleaning service, and we will tell you how that will affect your overall business, as well as the safety and security of your employees.

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1. Time

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The first thing we are going to talk about is time. No matter if you want to get your home kitchen cleaned, or if you want to make sure that your restaurant stays open, you need to get the maintenance process done as fast as possible.

The difference between a good and bad service is that the first one will always show up on time, they will bring the needed equipment with them, and they will finish the job as soon as possible. The cheap companies are not reliable, and they may cancel the appointment minutes before they should start working. When inexperienced people are part of the team, the whole process will take much more time, and some people have even complained that the job took more than a few days.

2. You’ll spend more money in the long run

You may think that you are spending less money when you hire a cheap service, but in reality, you will be spending a lot more. Chances are, the job won’t get done on time, and if you are the owner of a restaurant, and the place gets closed for maintenance for a few days, you risk losing customers, and you will be definitely losing profits.

In addition to this, if the job is not done correctly on the first try, you will either have to risk and do things once again on your own, or you will have to pay double and hire another team to get the maintenance process finally finished.

3. Fire hazards

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The process of hood cleaning is mostly done so that you prevent any fire hazards from all the built-up grease. You need to clean the space and the vents regularly if you don’t want to risk anything catching fire. The thing with bad services is that they will only partially do the job. Chances are, they won’t clean every space and vent that needs to be cleaned, and the hood will be left with grease residue.

Experts suggest that you need to find a place that will record the whole process of sanitization and that they can show you a proof of the things that have been washed and cleared. When everything is properly maintained, you won’t have to worry about any fire hazards, or risking the lives of your employees and customers.

4. Faulty equipment

As you already know, finishing this process takes a lot of different types of equipment and cleaning products. This is not an easy job, and if the right tools are not used, you may end up with grease residue.

The right company for the job will use the proper tools, gear and they will use the best products on the market. You don’t want to be the one who needs to purchase quality cleaning products, just so you know that all the grease will get removed. Note that this is something that the cheap companies will not talk about, and they even may try to charge you more if you don’t prove the tools and products on your own. Don’t forget to talk to the service before hiring them, and ask if you need to provide any tools or gear.

5. No warranties

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The last thing we are going to talk about is the warranties and the way things are done. When you choose the right place to do the washing for you, you will be working with licensed professionals that have the needed documents and insurance.

When choosing the least expensive place, you may end up working with people who have no experience whatsoever, and they will make a lot of mistakes. Even though every job has a learning curve, you don’t want to risk your property getting damaged just because someone did not have the needed skills or supervision to get things done correctly.

Ask if the service will offer a warranty, and talk to them about what will happen in case something gets damaged or broken during the servicing process. They need to be able to offer you insurance and to reassure you that if anything happens, they will come back to get things done correctly.

The right hood cleaning service, will bring their own equipment, they will protect the rest of the surfaces before starting the job, and they will provide you with before and after photos to prove that they have done the job correctly.

Note that paying less at the beginning is going to be more expensive than investing in the right company from the start. Pay attention to the little things, ask for recommendations, and see if their previous clients have been satisfied. Know that a company that is worth collaborating with is going to help you for years and even decades, so don’t risk your business, employees, and customers, just to save up a few bucks.

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