How to Build a Basic Backyard Pool on a Budget 2024

A swimming pool is more than a luxury, especially during the summer, when the only way to cool off is by jumping in cold water. However, there are different types of swimming pools, and all of them cost money, so when you are on a budget, there are some things that might limit your options.

Although this is not an investment that should completely break your bank, if you want a more luxurious design, you’ll have to settle for a higher price. That’s not what we are here to talk about, however, so if you are currently looking to complete a project with the least money spent, feel free to stay with us until the end. Let’s take a look.

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Acquire some information

Acquire some information

If you plan to save as much money as you can, you are probably thinking about doing everything on your own, which is the cheapest way. We suspect that you are not limited with time, just on a budget, so even if things take slightly longer, you will end up with an amazing pool that didn’t empty your wallet.

Doing everything on your own is not a very easy task, so gathering as much knowledge as you can is something that’s going to help you out a lot. Before you being, try to read a bit more on making pools on your own, the entire process of digging, laying down tiles, adding filters and all the other things that matter. Now that we have the first step out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the following actions.

Purchasing the right tools

You can either do all of the diggings by yourself, or if you have a limited budget, but not too much, you can spend a fraction on it on a company that’s willing to complete this step with their machinery.

If you decide to do it on your own, however, you will need a set of tools that will help you manage all the “dirty work”, such as digging, flatting and all of that, so visit your nearby hardware store and get everything you need before you begin the project.

Make sure that you have enough time

Summer is nearing, and although we think that there is more than enough time for you to complete a project of this kind, you still might need a bit more than you think. Make sure that you start at least a few months earlier than what you think you’ll need, because external natural factors are something that might slow you down now and then, and you never know in what kind of other problems you might run into.

It’s always better to leave a bigger time gap than ending up with a half-finished project when summer finally arrives and the temperatures become completely unbearable. If you already have a pool in your backyard, and you want your space back to create an even bigger one, or you’re simply looking to reclaim your yard, feel free to visit, they’ll be more than glad to help.

Choose acceptable size

After all, you are doing all of this without a single helping hand, or at least a professional helping hand, so don’t try to think of something that looks like it came out of the movies. If you end up doing that, you will be disappointed and unsatisfied with your final project. Instead, settle for something less, or at least leave a space for a future upgrade, for some time when you’ll have a bit higher budget.

Having a smaller swimming area might not be what you want, but it will be more than enough to cool-off during the warm summer days. You don’t have to swim in it anyway.

What’s the right type?

If digging seems like something that’s completely unbearable and impossible to do on your own, maybe you should choose a swimming pool type that starts from the very ground of your yard, and the walls go up instead of down. It’s like a built-up pool that you can demolish at any time, and the process of making one is a lot easier compared to digging a huge hole and then flattening the earth. It will usually be a lot cheaper as well, however, it won’t look as nice as a regular pool, which is a bummer, but a good decision if you are on a budget.

Equipment or no?

Some people just like to keep it very simple, so they make a pool that doesn’t have any fancy equipment, such as massaging parts, filters, and water-warmers. All they want is a fairly-sized area with a drain that can be emptied or filled whenever the temperatures start rising right up the red zone on their thermometers.

If you are trying to build a similar project, without spending a lot of money, this is probably the best type of pool that you can come up with. It’s going to be cheap yet effective, and the best thing about it is that you can always add some equipment when you collect more money.

Don’t go for fancy materials

Sure, having a swimming pool that looks stunning is something that we all desire, but that is not the smartest way to do things when you are on a budget. When you are building your budget project, try to go for cheaper materials, and we’re not meaning ones of less quality, but instead try to choose regular tiles without any fancy patterns and so on.

By doing this you will save a lot of money, and you can always do some customizations to make the entire thing look better, so don’t worry about looks, because you will have a great place to chill during the summer that won’t break your bank completely.


Having a pool full of cool water is one of the best things when summer comes and the temperatures start rising. It’s a great place to relax either alone or with your family, cracking open a cold beer and just enjoying life. However, getting one can be quite expensive, unless you do some of the things that we recommended on the list above.