How to build long lasting floors – Choosing the right wood

Who doesn’t like having quality, long-lasting floors in their homes? That’s right, we all do. If you’ve ever participated in a process which involved completely removing and replacing floors, you probably already know how awful it feels to deal with cheap and low-quality wood, and chances are that you don’t want it to happen ever again.

This article is about building good floors, and more importantly, choosing the right wood for them. Feel free to continue reading if you want to learn more.

What is Ipe Wood?

So Ipe Wood is one of the most unique types of wood on the entire planet. It is also called Brazilian walnut or lapacho by some people. The wood itself is really dense and resilient, and it comes from the forests which are located in Central and South America. Ipe wood got recognized by people and became the top choice for building floors and decking because of its durability, looks, and many other characteristics as well to which we’ll get in just a bit.

When it comes to building long-lasting floors, people always want something that is strong, durable and will last for as many years as possible before needing a replacement. As we all know, replacing floors costs money, and why wouldn’t anyone want to save a lot of money by getting something that lasts so long?

This is why the Ipe Wood is so widely used in the industry. Here are some of its main and most important characteristics that make this wood the perfect material for building floors that will not get damaged for years. The team from Ipe Woods sourced us some pretty useful information about the benefits of using this type of wood, and also the main reasons why their customers are always satisfied with it. Let’s take a look.

  • It is really dense. It is actually so dense that this wood cannot float in water. This means that breaking is impossible and it will definitely last for a really long time before needing a replacement in terms of functionality. Although so much density and hardiness will require a bit more work in order to saw, drill and set-up, it is still much better than having to replace after just a few years.
  • It is smooth and good looking. Ipe wood is actually beautiful, especially when you see it in person. A lot of luxurious hotels use Ipe wood for their balconies and similar places if they are wood-themed. It can also be found in bars and places such as boat-restaurants
  • It is very resistant. Ipe wood is naturally resistant to fire and rot as well, so you don’t have to worry about two of the most frightening things. And on top of all this, a lot of people confirm that this type of wood is resistant to insects as well. This means that you can freely use Ipe wood for the outdoor parts of your home.
  • It is affordable. Ipe wood provides tons of benefits for people who want to build long-lasting floors, and it is not overpriced like some other types of woods. This makes it the perfect choice for ordinary people who are simply choosing something for their own homes.