How to Keep Your Data Safe

The privacy of people became one of the taboo subjects in the last couple of years. More precisely, people start to feel like they do not have any privacy at all. First of all, online is a useful place for many things. Yet, it is also attractive for hackers. They can get into your computer, and you won’t even notice that.

It is not our intention to make you feel afraid. Our message to you is to be careful. We all have some important data on the devices that we use. For example, we have some basic stuff such as contacts, messages, pictures, etc. Yet, there is even more critical piece of data such as passwords, essential pieces of information, etc.

Hackers are indeed improving, but that doesn’t mean they are possible to hack absolutely everything. They can only hack the piece of data that is not well-secured. Well, the security of your data is your duty.

If you are no familiar with this subject, this article might help you use the right methods to secure valuable pieces of information. Here are some of the things you should do.

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Don’t Remember Passwords on Your Mobile

People need passwords for literally every account that they make. For example, there are passwords for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube account, etc. Most of the people will save those passwords. They think that typing everything each time is a waste of time. It is true; the entire process of typing a couple of letters will take you around 20 seconds. If you accidentally press caps lock or miss the letter, it will take you around 1 minute to login to your account.

Still, this is the worst way to secure your essential pieces of data. Let’s say you are using a bank app where you check your balance, withdraw funds, etc. However, one day someone steals your phone, or you forget it somewhere. It would be easy for the person that finds it to get your important piece of data.

So, does typing passwords each time still sound like a waste of time?

Turn Off Bluetooth/Wi-Fi When You Don’t Use It

We need to describe one situation that happens quite often. People are usually connected to their Wi-Fi while they are at home. However, a huge number of people forget to turn off wireless when they get out. This means that you can connect to absolutely everything while you are walking down the street. Doing that could cause potential damage. Well-experienced hackers can get into your phone and connect all the data that you have there. We suggest you avoid connecting to any type of public Wi-Fi. Do that only when it is unnecessary.

Things are the same as Bluetooth. Many Bluetooth thefts have happened just because people forgot to turn off this feature. Even if the Bluetooth activity is invisible, you are not safe. Some hacking programs can turn on the activity back again.

Use Security/Recovery Data Software

Not all experienced programmers are hackers; that is just some sort of stereotype. There are a lot of them that fight against hacks, and that’s why we have many security and recovery data software on the market.

Everyone can install this software on his device. There are probably dozens of them online, but we suggest EaseUS and check which things these tools offer. Currently, this software will help you recover the data you lost.

Don’t Click on Everything

There are two different reasons why people click on hacking links. For instance, hackers usually like to “attack” people in their emails. They will send you an email and represent themselves as a legal startup that is offering you some products. In most cases, they offer discounts and similar things that will convince you to click on the link they attached. Do not do that if you are not sure who is one the “other side”. If you have never subscribed to a newsletter of that company, you should check twice who is sending you a message.

Anyway, it also happens that people lose their data just because they were curious. We all click on many things when we surf the net. Well, click on the links of reliable websites. More precisely, it would help if you were sure which sites you want to visit. In only one minute, hackers can get into your computer/mobile device and take all the data that you had.

Be Sure Which Things You Download

We are continually downloading something. For example, kids would want to download video games and play them on their computers. Adults have to download many documents because most of the things we finish online. The best way to secure your data is to install antivirus or any other security tool. These tools will block the current download because of the malware, and you won’t have to worry about data security.

Back-Up Your Data All the Time

How many times have backed up something in the last 5 years? We are sure that the number is not too big. Unfortunately, you will find people that haven’t backed up anything from the first moment they bought their computer.

It is necessary to do that because you never know what happens to your device. We understand that you are asking yourself, “Why would someone try to hack me? I am an average person, and they do not need my data.” That’s probably correct, but is it worth risking?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that hackers will attack you. What if some technological problems happen and your data get exposed? Back up of your data will ensure that you always have access to valuable pieces of information.

Conclusion: Think Twice

Before we end this article, we want to tell you two simple words – “Think Twice”. Many people lose their data because they are in a hurry or because they not think carefully about the things they are doing online. For example, you see a website with attractive clothes. It would help if you had it immediately, and you enter the credit card data there.

Think twice before you do that and other similar things. The damage can be huge.