How To Keep Your Floors Clean And Make Them Last Longer

Many people don’t give their floors too much thought. In fact, most people get by with a quick mop once or twice a week.

Floors take up a great amount of space in our homes and because of this they can impact our health when they get dirty. Not only could we get ill, it also looks unsightly and may even make you feel uncomfortable.

Keeping the floor clean and shining will help to promote its lifespan whether you have used tiles or wood as a cover.

An electric mop may be the ideal solution to getting your floor back to its former glory, as well as keeping it that way for longer. Using such has never been easier.

Electric mops are versatile because they can be used on any type of floor. They are also environmentally friendly and better for the environment. If you are looking for the best, check out to help you make the right decision.

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There are several reasons to buy an electric mop

Floor maintenance

Every floor degrades over time. Dust and sand particles fall into the surface and can cause small scratches. Sandy shoes dragging over may cause scuff marks. Keeping it clean either by mopping or using an electric mop will go a long way to helping to preserve the material and reduce wear and tear.

Protection from external elements

While most materials are relatively hard wearing, over time it will be damaged if it is exposed to liquid and dirt. It will be able to remove the moisture and dirt. It will not damage the surface sealant so moisture will not seep down and damage below.

Keeps grout clean

For  tiles, you will find that there is grout between them to hold the tiles together. Over time the grout becomes dirty and looks nasty. It keeps the grout in pristine condition and improve the appearance.

Keeps tiles shiny

Over time tiles will become dull and lose that shine which attracted you to them in the first place. Using it to restore them will go a long way to giving the room a fresh new look.

Removes pet hair

Electric mops will be able to reach hard-to-get spots under the sofa to remove pet hair which can cause respiratory problems.

So, what’s an electric mop?

These are electrical appliances for cleaning floors. They can clean surfaces made of any type of material as long as it is not carpet.

Electric mops come with a tank which can be refilled. The motor heats up the water and turns it into steam which is released when you press a button. The steam is sprayed onto the floor through a reusable mop pad and the floor is cleaned.

You can use it to clean as well as disinfect the floor. Because of its advanced functions, it will cost more than a regular mop, but it will also last longer and work harder to keep your floor clean and shining.

What to look for in an electric mop

What do you need?

Some will not work on hardwood, they may only be suitable to tiled and vinyl, so make sure that the mop you get can clean where you want.


Although they are easier to use than a regular bucket and mop, there is still a certain amount of pushing and pulling. You may want to try out several to see how heavy or light they are before you buy one.


Even a lightweight model will hurry hands if it is not comfortable to move around. You should make sure that the one you choose feels pleasant to hold and push around.


You need to store it somewhere after you have used it. It is a great advantage to have a mop that can be stored away compactly in a small place.

Cordless or corded?

Corded means that you will not be able to walk as far without unplugging and plugging back in. Cordless means that you can carry the mop wherever you want to use it. If you opt for a cordless mop, make sure that it lasts a decent amount of time before it needs to be plugged in to charge again.

Replacement parts

Even the best models may have a part which needs to be replaced. It is important that you are able to get a replacement part quickly, otherwise you will find yourself mopping the old-fashioned way.


Whatever model you buy, you should make sure that it comes with a warranty for at least one year. Also be sure that you know what parts are covered. Never buy an electrical appliance from a company who does not include a warranty.

To sum up

As vacuum cleaners are the modern version of the broom, so is the electric mop the new version of the mop and bucket.

Electric mops are a great way to get a floor clean and then to keep it clean. They are lightweight and easy to use.

Make sure to buy one that can also work on hardwood as some do not have this feature.

Size does matter – buy a mop that you can easily store out of sight with the rest of your cleaning equipment. Many small apartments do not have lots of space so make a note of how much storage you have and choose a mop to fit it.

The more features it offers, the more expensive it is going to be so be sure of what you need your mop to do, how lightweight it needs to be and what type of surface you will be using it on before buying it.